Easily remote control and view your garage with Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller! 4/26/22

Meet the world’s first AI vision-sensing garage door controller. The included Wyze Cam v3 knows if your garage is open or closed without the need for extra sensors. Open or close your garage remotely in the Wyze app and get notified if the door has been left open. The award-winning Wyze Cam v3 is your eyes and ears into your garage so you can say hello with two-way audio and get alerts if motion is detected. It’s never been so easy to remotely control and view your garage. Order yours today!

Garage Door Opener  3


I have two single doors side by side. Will the new garage door opener work for both of I buy two?


Per the FAQs:

How many garage door openers can a Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller control and connect to?

Your Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller can only control one garage door opener. If you have multiple openers, you will need multiple controllers.

One Wyze Cam v3 with Garage Door Controller controls one door. So you’ll need a second v3 with Garage Door Controller for your second door.


Just a note: If you use the “Garage Door Controller Replacement Part Kit (no Wyze Cam v3 included)” with a standard V3, then your legacy RF remotes will lose some of their range. I went from being able to open the door a half a block away using the full kit’s specially-shielded V3 camera to being able to open it just before entering my driveway using a standard camera.

So be sure to get the full kit for best results. :slight_smile:


Ignore the Wyze Lock tag - there’s no selection for garage door controller.
I’m considering buying the new GDC to replace my current custom controller plus Wyzecam.

  1. My current Wyzecam is on the wall 22 ft away from the garage door to watch the garage door and the rear door to the backyard. Will the GDC still detect the flag on the garage door from that distance?
  2. My custom controller can notify me when the door is open when: (a) I’m away from home, or (b) it’s after 9pm, or (c) I’m home but it’s been open for more than 20 minutes. Can the GDC use automation to implement these same features?
  3. Do I still need a Cam+ subscription to record full videos?

@ps2baseball, you will need 1 garage door controller per motor but you are able to use two! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Do the alerts get blended in with all the other alerts or can I prioritize the garage ones to get sent via email or Lock Screen etc?

The V3 needs to be mounted close to the GDC, and that controller has to be mounted close to the GDO so it can be wired to it. So no to an existing cam 22 ft away, but you can still leave that camera in place.

(a) You get notified wherever you are, whenever the garage door opens, no matter how it opens (the QR code stops being in the closed position). (b) You can set a rule that says if it is after 9 PM, close the door. (c) You can change a setting to notify you when the garage door has been open for x minutes (1, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 – but no 20).

The V3 still acts like a V3, so yes. Personally I use Cam Plus Lite and a SD card. :slight_smile:


It uses the normal Wyze notification system.

So in this situation, you would need just one camera but two controllers? (in other words, buy one complete kit and one replacement kit)?

Would you make a photocopy of the QR code or use two different QR codes, one for each door?

You would buy two complete kits with camera, as you can only have 1 controller per camera, they must be co-located with the opener, and you should buy the specially-shielded camera to preserve the range of your legacy RF remotes.

ugh… I have a yellow learn button. it’s not compatible! :frowning:

It actually may still be. The compatibility checker has 3 methods for checking whether you are compatible. Any of the 3 passing means you are. So check the other two methods:

Methods 1 and 3 are out. Now, I need to find a tiny wire to test method 2

Really excited to get this. In the video it briefly talks about QR code calibration should you have to move camera etc. What is the furthest distance camera can be from QR code? Say we want to place camera further back in garage to give as much view of inside garage as possbile.

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Or a pair of needle nose pliers. :slight_smile:

Method 2 is the best method anyway.

You have to mount the camera with the controller, and the controller has to be near the opener. So your mounting options are limited, and all are near the opener. The closer the better anyway; I don’t think I’d try moving further back if I could, as it has to resolve those QR code dots.

What happens if you lose or damage the QR code. Can you print out a new one or buy a replacement?

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You definitely can replace it. I have asked if they will provide a PDF of the code somewhere, but haven’t received any response.

In theory you could take a picture of it, and print the picture if you move, replace the door, or the code gets damaged in some way. Or if you have a scanning printer like I do, just scan the code to a PDF yourself before you install it. I’d bet Support will also supply replacements on request.

I don’t know which QR code format they are using, but I think it is an early code, and it simply says “WYZE”. :slight_smile:

Edit: There are now 2 other versions being supplied by Wyze, both variations on “wyze.com”. All 3 are recognized by the controllers.