Double garage door control with one camera

Hello Team,

Are there any plans to use a single Wyze Cam v3 to control 2 garage doors?

The camera could be placed in the middle of the garage so that it “sees” both doors and 2 controllers could be used. I would buy it if this were the case. I can’t see using 2 cameras that are literally 10 feet apart from each other just to monitor the doors, seems like a waste and I know many homes have double garage doors instead of a big single.


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You should add this to the #wishlist if it doesn’t already exist. Make sure to vote for it!


Good call @IEatBeans. I have added it to the wishlist section and it was approved… I guess the way it works there is the most voted-on features possibly get put on the development roadmap?

If so, others can go here to vote (it would be much appreciated if this happened!)

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Yup, generally the more votes the higher it will have to get picked for development. Wyze reviews the wishlist weekly.

Sometimes stuff will be moved to maybe-later if it is low priority it harder to implement.

Understood… We must be the only 2 here with a double door… :rofl:


I actually don’t have any garage doors, just a sketchy, leaky, squeaky, old barn door type thing lol.

I just think it’s a good idea for whoever does have 2 doors.

You can do it with a wyze plug and a dpdt relay. I just did this. Gives control, but you still only get notifications for one door. My camera can see both doors.

The way to do this currently is to buy 2 GDC systems. The main issue is the GDC only has 1 output, and that is either open or closed (button pressed). So it currently can only open one Garage door, or with extra wiring by you, 2 garage doors at once (not recommended).

This doesn’t help, as the current system can only control 1 garage door. Only one QR Code sticker is provided with each controller, so only one should be visible per GDC. If you buy a second GDC, please be sure only 1 sticker is visible. :slight_smile: