Use door opener without QR code

I already have a Wyze Cam V3 in my garage, but it faces the rear entrance into my garage so I an see if someone were to come in the back door of my garage. I just purchased the wyze door opener, but it looks like it relies on a QR code to let the device know if the door is opened or closed. I want my camera to focus on the rear of the garage, not the garage door itself. Can I still use the opener, even if I don’t face the camera at the garage door? I can tell by the lighting in my garage if the door is open or not and just want to be able to manually close it when I want to from my phone. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

Without the QR code you would still be able to operate the garage door like you can with the wall push button – that is, you would need to be able to know whether the garage door is up or down, and not write any automated rules.

BUT – a ‘normal’ V3 will put out frequencies that interfere with legacy RF remotes. So if it is in proximity to the garage door opener (which it pretty much has to be to control it), your legacy RF remotes may lose a lot or all of their range. You may be able to counter that with tin foil, but no one has reported back on that yet.

The V3 that comes with the GDC has a shielded pigtail to avoid this issue, so how about leaving your old V3 to watch the back of the garage, and buy the bundle with a second shielded V3 to watch the garage door and the QR code?


Thanks for the info. Sounds illogical to need two cameras for my two car garage, just so I can open my garage door. I’ve already received the opener, just haven’t installed it. Think I’ll be returning it.


You only need 1 camera to open your garage door. :wink:

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I would like to install the Wyse Cam V3 Garage Door Controller on a warehouse rolling door. Is there any work around on the placement of the QR code sticker? Can I print a small 2" x 2" QR code sticker and place the camera 2 feet away so it can detect the sticker in one of the panels of the rolling door when closed.

I think as long as the QR code is in frame when it’s closed and it’s not when it’s open it should work. Please let us know how it goes if you decide to try it!

Great. Thank you for your reply. I will order now and let you know.

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How can I identify the “special” v3 camera? My GDC got put in with the rest of my spare cameras and I may have used it elsewhere. Can I tell in the app?

The v3 that comes with the GDC kit is a regular v3. You can use any v3.

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Unless they changed the pigtail, the special GDC V3 that comes in the full kit has a rounded pigtail. The normal separately-sold V3 has a flat pigtail.

The rounded one is a shielded cable to help prevent interference with your GDO RF remotes, which operate on a similar frequency as the internal workings of the camera.


I had a spare V3 already, so I got the garage door controller accessory (without the camera).

We had no problem connecting the normal V3 with the flat pigtail and connector, and the garage door controller.

We did this for our neighbor too, and had no problem on hers either.

Without a ladder, I could not get real close, but I checked it from the ground, and the camera pigtail is flat, and the garage door control cable is round, but it looks like the connector end is flat. But the weatherproof boot on the V3 camera pigtail is soft enough that if the garage door controller connector end is actually round, the rubber (silicone) connector will still fit.

And the camera and controller are mounted right on the garage door motor within 9 inches of the garage door remote antenna, and neither of us has experienced any radio interference in our situation.

It depends on your GDO model.