Allow Garage Door Controller to use Wyze Entry Sensors to determine door is open or shut

Prior to using the GDC, I used a Entry Sensor v2 to determine if my Garage was fully Closed or Open (Other than Fully Closed)

I’d like to see the GDC have access to the status of that Wyze Entry Sensor to determine if the door is fully closed, instead of relying upon the V3 Cam (that could move) or the QRCode on the door (that could be blocked)

Not everyone has Entry Sensors, so this would be an option to use instead of the camera/QRCode Method.


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There are several good reasons for this idea.
For example, instead of having mine hooked up to the Garage Door itself, I have mine plugged into a remote control which controls the door. With a remote control we could have our cameras placed anywhere in the garage, even in the far back corner or on the side facing the house entrance or whatever else. It would also allow the sensor to double as part of the HMS security at the same time.

If Wyze doesn’t do this for the current model, they should definitely consider it for a future model. :+1:


V3 cam and garage controller use separately.

Intregrat a way to use the garage controller without the camera, so you can use the v3 cam somewhere else. So in other words use the controller without the camera (If wanted)

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged to this existing wishlist topic because without a Cam v3 “looking” for the QR code, your garage door controller needs something to determine door open/closed state.

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