Missing? Trigger capabilities with the Garage Door Controller

Purchased this device as soon as the announcement came out. Was excited to have a replacement for my aging (Gen 1) Wyze sensors on the garage door, which I used to turn on Wyze bulbs when the door opened.

Unfortunately, the Garage Door Controller is not listed as a device that can be used as a trigger for a Rule such as “turn on ___ lights when the garage door opens”.
A notification of the door opening/closing is available:

But, there’s no way to tie that to a Rule…

Hoping it’s just a matter of it being early days. It’s a major drag to get this device, only to learn that it cannot be leveraged as I expected. I know, I could end up getting the Wyze Sense Hub, and Entry Sensor and handle the lights, but WHY, when this new device could technically do it?! :frowning:


Good idea for a Wishlist enhancement! :slight_smile:


Added to the Wishlist thread! Thanks for the suggestion!