Missing? Trigger capabilities with the Garage Door Controller

Purchased this device as soon as the announcement came out. Was excited to have a replacement for my aging (Gen 1) Wyze sensors on the garage door, which I used to turn on Wyze bulbs when the door opened.

Unfortunately, the Garage Door Controller is not listed as a device that can be used as a trigger for a Rule such as “turn on ___ lights when the garage door opens”.
A notification of the door opening/closing is available:

But, there’s no way to tie that to a Rule…

Hoping it’s just a matter of it being early days. It’s a major drag to get this device, only to learn that it cannot be leveraged as I expected. I know, I could end up getting the Wyze Sense Hub, and Entry Sensor and handle the lights, but WHY, when this new device could technically do it?! :frowning:


Good idea for a Wishlist enhancement! :slight_smile:


Added to the Wishlist thread! Thanks for the suggestion!


i wish that i have read this before the purchase.

i have a wyze bulb in the kitchen, whenever garage door is open the light is on so it is very obvious the garage is open.

recently MyQ and ifttt does not work well so i decide to buy wyze controller (don’t ever think of much since the bulb is wyze)…

obviouly it is useless now until the feature is implemented