Triggers from garage door opener

My garage door controller sends me a notification when the door opens and when the door closes. But I can’t figure out how to use that notification in a rule to do something else - like turn on the garage lights.

What am I missing?

Accessories haven’t made it into most rule sets, but if you set a simple rule that says if the GDC camera sees motion, then turn on the garage light for x minutes. Then no matter if it is the door going up or down, or is you walking thru the garage, your light will come on.

You can do the same thing using a motion sensor as a trigger.

I have tried this before, the issue with that rule is that the camera will detect the lights going off as movement and will turn on the light again. It would be ideal to have openings the garage door as a trigger…

I want the same, but if the garage door opens, I want the wyze thermostat to turn off the garage heater – I know my kids will leave the garage door open in the middle of winter and the heater will just stay on. Then when the garage door closes, turn the thermostat heat to on. I too get the notification that the garage door opened or closed.

I have Wyze garage door controller and Wyze switch for my garage light. I ended up with setting the automation separately in Wyze app and Google home. In google home, you can set the door open as trigger to turn on a garage light. To turn off the light automatically, use Wyze Rules and set the trigger to "If the light has been on for duration you want. The trigger in Google home is not very fast but at least my garage light will not stay on.

I ended up resolving this by adding an entry sensors to the garage door and using that to trigger the rule. Again, it would be ideal if the controller could be used as a trigger, but this is a decent workaround.