Garage Door Controller - Additional notification options

I’d like to be able to pick and choose the notifications for the garage door cam/adapter. For example, I’d like to be notified if the garage door is left open but not every single time it’s opened and closed.

[Mod Note]: Wishlist topic moved to this category as request is satisfied by existing functionality.

That option already exists. Go to Garage controller setting, Garage Door Notification - there you can turn OFF notification for every open/close and turn ON for left open for certain length of time.

See below screen shot

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Anyone having any issues not getting these notifications when they are turned on? I’m unable to get the app to notify me when the door opens/closes or is left open. Everything is on,

Also, under notifications, I do have it turned on, but I have Detects motion and detects sound turned off.

Thanks! Wyze customer support had no clue!!

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