Garage Door Notification if Door is Open at Specific Time (and for time duration)

Please add some type of notification through the app so that I can be alerted to the door remaining open at a time I pick so that I don’t leave it up all night. I switched to Wyze from Meross for smart garage door control because I have so many Wyze products and am happy with all of them. This is a feature that I previously had with Meross that I miss not having. All there is right now Is a setting to receive a notification if left open for an hour (or less). We have kids that go out through the garage and it remains open for long periods. So notification would likely go off a lot with me having no interest. Setting it to alert me at 10 pm if my door is still open would be great!

@R.Good you know how to do this?

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There is nothing for a notification on specific time of the door being open within the GDC capabilities today.

The function @dac60421 is referring to for the other product is called “Overnight Reminder”
It basically just sends a reminder if the door is open at a specific time as requested above.

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Ah ok, i think I got it confused with that. Thx :slight_smile:


This would be great.

It would also be good to be able to have open and closed separate instead of the same toggle. Kind of weird I can’t just select open notifications or just closed notifications…it’s either both or neither.


Similarly, I’d love an action that auto-closes the door if it is open after a certain time. Something like:

Trigger: Garage door has been open for > X minutes
Valid times: 10pm to 6am
Action: close door.


Garage Alert Status

It would be great to have an alert when you leave the garage door open for longer than a specified time!


Especially since this is literally in the marketing description for the device,

" Get notified when your garage door is left open.

Forgot to shut the garage door?

We’ll notify you if your garage door was left open or if someone is opening or closing it."

The fact that it DOESN’T do this is false advertising as far as I’m concerned.


It does do those things:

Notifications for Open, closed, and left open for X minutes.

They actually described what it currently does. It was an honest and accurate description. And I like that feature. I use it.

Here, we’re asking for additional features that will check the door only at certain times of day on a schedule, rather than all the time. I might not care if my garage is open on a Saturday or if it opens and shuts in the morning, but if my daughter sneaks out with the car at 3am, then I’d like it to tell me, or if I forget to close it when it gets dark.


The main issue with the DOOR OPEN notifications is they get lost with all the others. There should be an e-mail ONLY option for this,

I got rid of the MyQ sensors to get everything in the same Wyze ecosystem. MyQ would send me an e-mail if my doors were open for 10 min or more. Now I have no idea if the doors have been left open because of all the alerts I get.

I was hopeful this would be addresses with priority notifications but I guess I should have known better.

Once again, another company does all this. They have a garage door monitor that can be used with app notifications, SMS, email, etc. for ANY of their sensors. You can also schedule when you’ll be alerted and can change to just app notifications or SMS and email depending on the day and/or time of day.

Wyze is way behind on this.

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Unexpectedly here here. Only because the advice will be ignored.

Garage Door Notifications

So 2 years into this and we STILL don’t have a “Notify me via email” if garage door is left open. Wow.

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