Any way to get an Alexa notification if a garage door was left open?


I just purchased a Wyze Sense Starter Kit, and set up the two contact sensors on our garage doors.

I set up notifications in the Wyze app (Android) to tell me if either door has been open for 15 minutes.

I’d like to set up an Alexa routine to notify me if a garage door is open at a certain time (say 10:00 pm). It looks like the only routine option I have is to have Alexa tell me if a door is opening (or closing), not if it has been open for a certain amount of time. Is there a way to create an Alexa routine that would tell me if a door has been left open?

Thanks for your help!


Widely sought after feature. No simple way to do it right now.

Any update on this? I know wyze is comming out with a whole new sensor for their alarm system so I suppose they have abandoned this technology and are pushing for the new stuff. And I wonder if the new alarm system will work through Alexa???