"sensor is left open" trigger missing from IFTTT Wyze list

The Wyze app has this trigger, “sensor left open” which is different from “sensor opened”. Wyze have already done the hard work , what is left is to amend their list of triggers in IFTTT to include this missing trigger (probably omitted as a typo) . IFTTT can be used to set a custom alarm sound (as Wyze doesnt support different custom sounds)

Many others have already asked for this, it would allow many useful applications: IFTTT alarms for front/garage/fridge doors left open . it could be used to prevent heat/ cooled air from escaping the house, thus lowering electricity bills, or keep your pet from escaping.

please add this to the requested feature list, thanks


Vote here: Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

I know there are a lot listed, but the one you’re asking for is there.


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I swear on one of the video ads from Wyze it said that you could be notified if you left the door open because that was the main reason I bought contact sensor in the starter kit.

I can not find a "IF the garage door is still in the open state at 9pm send a (still open) alert to my phone. " I did get a response to join IFTTT but without knowing how to create your own or paying for the service I don’t see that it is available.

I think the notification for a door remaining open comes directly from the wyze app, not IFTTT. I get notified when mine is left open and my IFTTT integration is currently broken.