Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

bummer is alexa routines wont work directly from wyze cams motion
detected etc.

for instance, I have wyze 2 cam on backdoor, if motion detected,
it turns on the mud room light, Buuuuut, thats in wyze.
It will not via routines, see the camera!

So I had to throw an arlo out there too and on motion, via
routine, it sends a notice, waits 5 minutes and turns off the mud
room light.

I would just use the arlo for the whole thing, buuuuut, the arlo
is not as sensitive, waits 10 seconds before recording jack (huge
detente) and the HD picture, sucks the big one.

Wyze, get the cams seen & respond with notices from them by
alexa routines!

“Action: * Move Pan Cam to a specified waypoint”

This is the greatest request. When I am home I want camera to monitor a particular part of my house (or out the window!), and when I’m not home I want it to monitor my front door. This functionality would be huge. Thanks for putting this together.

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Add additional time features, like: +/- XX hours at sunrise or sunset turn lights on or off.


  • if at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on for 5 minutes.


  • If at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on until motion stops.
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I have been using Shelly’s and I love that feature on them.

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Turning on/off notifications per device would be huge. Seems like a very simple and common use case. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with lack of features/control over these cameras. Use case:

Turn off motion alerts for cameras facing indoors when home.
Turn on motion alerts for cameras facing indoors when away.

I’d be fine having a rule for each device if necessary (rather than selecting a group per action). I cannot do this though, because there is no API, no smart home integration, and the IFTTT control does not allow controlling notifications per device, only as a whole.

Wyze already has support for the “sensor left open” trigger in the app, but it is not in the list on IFTTT,
akaik it looks like the hard work has already be done by Wyze, and what is needed is to update the IFTTT list


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One of the most important features should be “actions” upon any groups ie. if you operate many CAMs. I run about 6 V2’s inhouse, one PAN CAM as mobile “service” for friends leaving their house for weekends and need watch, exterior CAM’s etc. I’we grouped those - for now - into “My House - Internal”, “My House - External” and finally “Others”. I do share the “others” with that ad-hoc watch service, but I have different needs for each group - but includes above suggestion for wish-list! For now you can only work directly with reg. CAM’s.

Mr. M.

With the new Complete Motion service option there is an issue with IFTTT Applet trigger for motion if your using this service. The original motion setup works but if you set your camera for Complete Motion the event will not trigger the Applet. We need the new Complete Motion event to be able to trigger an IFTTT Applet trigger. Thanks

Wyze could you please add some more IFTTT triggers and actions? Thanks

When will that be supported? I would like to use Siri to lock and unlock my door.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up in ifttt a smart doorbell that unlocks the door to recognized household members.

Siri makes sense. Hopefully people would think twice about enabling Alexa or Google devices to unlock the door.

What would the issue be with using either to lock or unlock the lock?

Well, I guess it depends on where you place the Alexa/Google device and how widely known it is that you are using these devices to let yourself in. It doesn’t seem sensible, for example, that people should be able to walk up to your front door, shout something like “Alexa, unlock front door” and/or “Alexa, disarm security system” and then walk in. It might make sense if yours was the only voice that your device recognized for the command or, like with Siri, you had to have something (your phone) to make the trick work.

I suppose you might argue “who would know what to say” and that could be true. We call it security through obscurity. Obscurity works until the practice becomes common or adversaries see what you’re doing and copy it.

Michael J.

While I don’t have a Wyze lock, I can’t imagine it works any more different than with my August lock. You can’t just walk up to my door and ask Google to unlock it. You need to passcode I’ve set. And, I’m not asking Google to unlock my lock and give the passcode outside my front door when there’s auto-unlock or the app on my phone.

You’ve peaked my curiosity. How do you mean ask google? Via your android phone or via a google device? (The later would be more like ask Siri, which I think sounds reasonable.) Then how does the passcode work? Do you type it on your phone, a keypad, …?

What I was really responding to is the context of the thread, having IFTTT triggers and actions. Once or if Wyze supports IFTTT for unlocking doors, well then the flood gate is open for a lot of really poorly thought out solutions. Like Doing “Alexi, unlock my door” straight up. I can imagine somebody posting that as an IFTTT template that many would follow (making it work the same in many homes). I hope the folks following this forum think a little more deeply than that before they jump in.

Well, your comment was rather vague. Just Siri good, Google/Alexa bad.

But in the IFTTT context, I agree that Wyze shouldn’t (and probably will never) give IFTTT that kind of access. With my August lock, the service allows for a “This” (ie, “If August lock is unlocked then…”, “If August lock is locked then…”) but NEVER a “That.” And I use that function all the time… When my lock unlocks, I disable Wyze notification, and cameras. But you can’t have the lock unlock on some motion detection or contact sensor. There just isn’t any option to do that.

And so, in the case of Google, even though there is a Google Assistant IFTTT command, it will never be able to open my lock since there’s no function for it.

As for Google (can’t speak for Alexa), a Google device is a Google device - irrespective of phone or Nest Hub/Mini - since they connect via the Google Home app. When I say, “Hey Google, unlock the front door”, whether to my phone, Hub, or Mini, Google asks for the PIN. That can be entered via voice (necessary for the Mini), the phone keypad, or the keypad that appears on the Nest Hub.

OK. That makes sense. I was responding to a request to have an IFTTT trigger that can unlock your door. Not one that’s like yours that reports when the door was unlocked. My sense is that implementing an IFTTT trigger to unlock your door might be unwise. I suspect that’s why August lock didn’t implement that. I was cautioning (perhaps too vaguely) that user implementation could be a problem.

Don’t all three services have voice recognition? (Siri, Google Home & Alexa).

Currently, I can trigger an Alexa routine with the Wyze contact sensor. Example: When Freezer door opens, Alexa says “Freezer door is open.”

That’s great, but what I really need is When freezer door is left open for 10 minutes, Alexa says “Warning! Freezer is still open!”

You can set a Push Notification if a contact sensor is left open/closed for X time, but phone notifications are easy to miss. If we could have “contact sensor is left open/closed for X time” as an IFTTT/Google Home/Alexa trigger, it would allow the contact sensor the ability to set off more useful alerts.

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