How to have Alexa announce if door is 'left open' (not just open or closed)?

Alexa will now recognize my Sense contact (thank you Wyze!),
and I know how to make a routine in Alexa if sensor is Open or Closed.

However, how do I have Alexa announce if door is left open (for over an hour, etc) as I have that already set in the Wyze App (‘if contact open for more than an hour’) but cannot figure out how to do this in Alexa.

Is it possible to have Wyze trigger Alexa for the ‘left open’ push notification and have Alexa announce it ?

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Not currently. You can create a rule in the Wyze app that can notify you. But to the best of my knowledge neither Alexa nor IFTTT supports the left open state yet.

The only workaround at the moment would be to leave a Wyze Plug plugged into the wall doing nothing. Then you could trigger that plug to turn on when the door has been left open, and trigger Alexa to say something when the plug turns on, then turn the plug off.

I’m hoping Wyze will add a virtual switch function soon. That would streamline the process and wouldn’t require you to use plug hardware for a software-only purpose. You can vote for that here if you’d like to see it too

Thanks folks, yes I have voted now.

Or, hopefully Alexa will add an "if left open or closed for a period of… " in their app ?


Yes. Alexa has access to the state of the sensor, so they could implement this on their own. That would be the cleaner way to do it. We can hope. :slight_smile:


I thought this sounded like a great possible solution, but Alexa can’t use plug states as triggers… unless I’m missing something. If you’ve found a way to do this within the alexa app, please share.

At the moment, I think you are right. Alexa cannot use plug state as a trigger. But there is a way another solution and it works perfectly! Awesome right?

How to Use a Wyze Sensor to Trigger an Alexa Routine to Remind Yourself That Your Garage Door Has Been Left Opened


Wow, That’s an amazing Rube Goldberg solution to this. I don’t have a spare plug to try this with, but I’m intrigued by the prospect. Thanks for that link!

lol nice right? Since there are no virtual switches in Wyze, this is the only way to do this for now. Let’s hope there is Alexa integration in the future.

I take a little different approach with “dummy or virtual switches” these are available in HomeKit (via Homebridge) and Alexa has several implementations a good one is here:

But they all can accomplish similar results.

I created virtual switchs in SmartThings but it does not do the job. How does Homtkit / Homebridge work and how would you trip it from the Wyze sensor after a certain amount of time. ie. to tell you your garage door has been left opened.

You would have to use the Homebridge plugin for Wyze to bring the sensor into HomeKit. But then it’s straightforward, the plug-in lets the contact sensor expose an open/closed duration. I don’t use Wyze sensors anymore but when I had one on my back sliding door I used to have it trigger an “open for” event after 10 minutes. This would in turn be consumed by either an Alexa routine or I suppose you could even use ifttt

Ah, yet another way to get to Alexa. Never played with Homekit, only have 1 bulb that is compatible with Apple’s smart home thingamajig.

HomeKit is less available than Lady A or Google that’s for sure. There is a tool called HomeBridge that brings many items like Wyze into the HomeKit universe. But Lady A and Google have much larger ecosystems.

Interesting, Looks like a server side software or some sort of a hub but through software. Cool if you have a device that is on 24/7 to support this.

A fair number of folks use a Raspberry Pi for just such a purpose. Also a company makes a product called Hoobs that is basically a hardware hub for this.

Personally I run Linux on an old PC I had and run Homebridge on that. So there are lots of options.

We have problem where the mud room door doesn’t always get closed properly here. So, I’ve been interested in solving a problem like this for a while now. I read these clever approaches and came up with this approximately right behavior now that Alexa can do a custom behaviors:

Have Wyze sensor trigger an Alexa routine when door opens. Add a Custom action at the bottom and type something like:

Remind everyone in one minute “Close mudroom door”

Save it. Then create another routine that is triggered when the door closes that runs another custom action:

Cancel reminder for “Close mudroom door”

I say this is approximately right because Alexa provides some voice feedback confirming the creating and cancelling the reminder. Enabling Do Not Disturb for 5 seconds doesn’t seem to suppress the voice feedback. So we’re almost there, but not quite. Really, Alexa needs to handle this similar to the way motion detection is handled and we would need to construct such silly workarounds. I direct the cancel output to an Alexa no one would hear in the basement. I could probably send it to my phone, since I wouldn’t care.

Anyway inching closer what we want with Alexa only.

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Ultimately implemented IFTTT solution with extra Wyze smart plug. All the extra Alexa “mumbling” to herself about scheduling and unscheduling the reminder led to people ignoring what she was saying when the door was left ajar. So working well, but waiting for this to be handled all within Alexa.

I ended up solving this with a 5$ raspberry pi zero. Just wrote a script to check the sensor state every few minutes and if open trigger the routine. It actually works perfectly and costs less than an additional smart plug. Plus, the possibilities are endless now with a few lines of JavaScript. All props to the guy/gal that created this…

I could provide real deets if anyone interested but it is pretty straightforward.