Alexa action when contact sensor left open

If you have a contact sensor left open, it would be nice to be able to have Alexa take some action (like make an announcement). Unfortunately, “left open” is not an available trigger in Alexa routines for a Wyze sensor. Only open/close can be used as triggers. Here’s a way around that. It does require an unused Wyze plug. It is similar to the solution here, but doesn’t require any other third party integrations…

  1. Name your spare Wyze plug “Alexa Trigger”.
  2. Create a Wyze Rule with trigger “contact sensor open for X minutes”
  3. Set action for this rule to turn on plug “Alexa Trigger”
  4. Create an Alexa routine with trigger “Alexa Trigger” plug turns on
  5. Set actions for the routine to whatever action you want Alexa to take (eg. announcement) and also have it turn off the Alexa Trigger plug.

When the contact sensor is left open for the specified time, the Wyze rule will turn on the plug, which will be detected by the Alexa routine which will turn the plug back off and do whatever else you’d like Alexa to do. Nothing needs to be attached to the plug.

Of course, if this gets implemented, then the plug would not be necessary.