Notification if garage door is open after or at a specific time

I see notifications for various triggers but nothing for a notification if the garage door is open at a specific time. Example: I go to bed at 9:00 leaving the door open At 10:00 the event is triggered reminding me I left it open. I tried to use an Alexa skill but the Wyze door app data doesn’t show, only the typical camera information.

Note this is the primary reason I purchased the kit…


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I have the same question.

Looking under Rules and Triggers there is no option for “garage door is open”, which seems like the most useful and obvious trigger.

Under Actions, I can choose"closer garage door", but I can’t trigger that with “garage door is open after 10:00 p.m.” or “garage door is open for 30 minutes”.

What’s up with that?

That would be a nice addition, please use #wishlist to suggest it!

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I have the same question. ANd today, I recieved an email from wyze advertising their wyze cam v3 garage door controller, & in the def it states “Get notificed when the door is left open.” this trigger is not under notifications nor avail under select a trigger to set. I almost went to bed last nite w the door open, which had been open all day & fortunately I saw (on the monitor above the tv) the door was open via a different camera system, as I went to shut off the monitor. I do have Plus acct.

As stated by Su_medley, would be great if could set the garage door close at a set time.

Also, in the ad, it states “Know when you garage door was opened or closed. Find the EXACT time of day your garage was opened, left opened, or closed” The pic shows "Garage door closed…{time} & "Garage door left open …{time}. I just checked under my garage door events & it just shows the same info the cameras shows.

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I don’t have a garage door controller, but I think @R.Good does. I think both those features are available.

Wyse states this feature exists is in the product. Looks like the marketing people are telling us about features the programmers left out.