Garage Door - Open for Duration of Time

Is there an option for notification/action for the door being opened for a certain duration. My kids park on the street, but they will leave via the garage. At times, they forget to close the door before they pull off. I can’t yell at them, because I do it as well.

I would like a “Notify if open for # minutes” option.

Is there one and I am just missing it?


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Hey, I’m not sure if this is an option, but @R.Good would :smiley:

If not, suggest it on the #wishlist

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Hi @tom891

There is,

If you go to the Camera>Settings>Accessories>Garage Door Controller>Garage Door Notifications
You will see the option below. There you can set the duration to your choosing 5 min to 60 min


Thanks. Is there any option for multiple notifications.

common scenerio.
My kids open the door and play in the driveway (cornhole) for 30 minutes and then leave the door open. I would also like a notification is the door is open at 11:00pm.

Since the garage is our most common way in and out, I am looking for a way to secure it to the best of my ability.

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Not sure if it’s directly possible through Wyze rules atm, but there’s a #wishlist for better rules. You may be able to do this through Alexa routines though.

I know some have done this, Close garage door at X time.

But… I have heard/read that this schedule could open the door if closed.

Essentially the rule fires and it’s just a click command.

There are a few wishlist items as related to GDC controls that are not there today.


It should not do that if the QR code is readable. So be sure the GDC camera can read the QR code reliably, and recalibrate if not.

The close door rule should take no action if the QR code is visible in the closed position.


Thank you @Newshound.


I don’t think it intends to, I think it was when the trigger duration was messed up a while back and it caused some weird behavior.

Props to @WyzeHongfei on that one, from the first conplaint they were already collecting logs and a few days later they had a beta update out. That’s great custom service :smiley:

The Close door rule opened, then closed my garage door when it was out of calibration (self inflicted as I moved the camera to insert a microsd card, and put it back in place).

I would prefer that the Close Door Rule auto disable itself rather than do the ‘open/close’ thing as I saw occur on my garage door (44 seconds of opportunity for someone to enter my garage if they happened to be in the area… or 44 seconds of opportunity for a mouse or rat to run into my garage)


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I fully agree, and made a note about disabling itself on failure in in another thread to the PM. :slight_smile:

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I don’t see an option to include a set amount of time in the rules. This is a very common feature that’s available with garage controllers in general. For example, I want the garage to close if it is open for more than 5 mins. Anyone know if this can be accomplished? The solution that R.Good suggested sends a notification, but doesn’t trigger an action. It would be great to have this feature so that the garage closes automatically if it’s left open for 5 mins or any amount of time that the user can set.


I have set all the notification settings I want and have recalibrated the QR code but it does not work because my camera says the door is closed, even though it is open! Do I have a faulty camera or, more likely, is there something I missed in the installation?

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @jbond! :slight_smile:

Wow, that is an unusual one. Can you post a picture of your camera’s view of the QR code? Theoretically, the only way for the system to think the garage door is closed when it is open is to have the QR code posted on a wall, and not on the garage door.

The QR code is dead center in the camera’s view and has been recalibrated twice! Now I have restarted the controller and the camera it now says the camera is “Garage Door Controller” not Open or Closed. It doesn’t change whether the door is open or closed and I am not getting any notifications and certainly not that it is open longer then the set time frame.

That’s fine, but what I asked is it on the garage door. :slight_smile:

With the current app and firmware it should say “Garage is closed” or “Garage is open” instead of the old “Garage Door Controller” label. So next question would be are you on the current camera Firmware, and 2.31.1 iOS app or Android app?

Sorry, yes it is on the door.

Yes to both!

Just my luck. I already had to have them replace the camera because it was dead on arrival! Thanks for your help and advice!

…and the Controller has the latest Firmware too

Just my luck. I already had to have them replace the camera because it was dead on arrival! Thanks for your help and advice!