Wyze Sense Notifications - left opened

I’ve been experimenting with the new sensors on my garage door. My use case is to be alerted if I left my door open too long to remind me to close it.

Initially I have turned on all notifications so I can monitor the activity. I have set the “left opened” notification at 10 mins - that should be a reasonable time to pull in, unload the car, etc. However, I don’t seem to be getting the alerts even though I see the “left opened” status in the timeline. Are others receiving the alerts for “left opened”? If you are, do they deliver once the sensor is “closed” or does the countdown clock work and send the alert and the setting time (10 mins in my example)?

I have the “Left opened” alert set to 5 minutes and have yet to receive an alert. In fact, one of my doors has been open for hours and it just shows “Currently open” for the status, but no alert.

I don’t remember receiving the alert, but I do see a single “Left opened” alert entry in my timeline for one sensor, around the time I initially set it up.


@WyzeGwendolyn - should I create a support ticket for this with at least one other reporting similar issues? I’ve tried a couple settings and did a reboot of cameras and verified firmware is up to date. I have bridge installed on Wyze Cam v1


I’m not sure what changed, but around 4pm EST yesterday I got a flood of about 120 notifications. Ever since then I’ve been getting all my notifications relatively quickly, although some are delayed by a minute or two. Not sure what to make of it, but it seems to be working now at least to some extent.

Have you received “left opened” alerts? I have not received any of those yet - I have only received opened and closed alerts.

Yes, 2 of the notifications were “Left opened”, the rest were Opened/Closed. I changed the duration to 5 minutes so I can more easily test, I should have more info tonight.

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How do you setup a left open time? All I can do is check the item. And, I get no notifications despite items checked for doing so. I get all wyze cam notifications, but no sense notifications.

It should show time range below the “left opened” notification check box. If not, maybe check your firmware?

I discovered it’s because I’m a Wyze Beta tester and that option isn’t in my version.

Well, I guess all I can say is the notifications are inconsistent. They weren’t working initially, but then I was getting them, then last night I did some more testing and I again was not receiving the “Left opened” notification.
I tried disabling everything but the “Left opened” notification and set the duration to 5 minutes, but I still didn’t get any notifications.

Sorry to hear about this, folks! I’ll make sure that @WyzeMike sees this thread in case he has questions. In the meantime, it would probably be helpful if you sent in logs for this through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue.

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems! As @WyzeGwendolyn said, please submit a log from the Camera that has the Bridge. Also make sure you’re receiving notifications for other events (AKA: don’t have do not disturb turned on) and that you still have the notification setting correct for that sensor.

Once you send the logs we’ll take a look to see what’s going on.


I am also not getting any “left opened too long” notifications. My most immediate need was for that type of notification.

how do you even set the “left open” notification? when i tap on mine, the checkmark appears then goes to select a timeframe. i choose 5 minutes but how do you accept it? just tap the back arrow? but when i go back in it always resets back to 1 minute but the checkmark is gone. i keep repeating this process but checkmark never stays nor the timeframe.
i am on iOS wyze beta app

anyone? see my screenshots.

screenshot 1, in notifications, Is left open is unchecked so i tap on it:

screenshot 2, after tapping Is left open, checkmark appears and then i change from 1 minute to 5 min. there is no save or accept so i just tape the < button in the top left corner:

screenshot 3, on the main notifications page its unchecked again. if i tap on Is left open again. its back to 1 minute:

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How quickly are you pressing the back arrow after clicking the “left open” check mark? I’d say check the left open and set your time, leave the app be for a little bit, then hit the back arrow. The process to save the setting might be passed by if you go back to fast. Also try restarting to app first, then setting your settings. I have had this problem with setting notifications and this helped fix it on my end.

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I do not have that problem on my Android device. I do have the problem that “left open” notifications are never sent.

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THANK YOU!!! gosh. this time i left it be like you said, maybe a minute. hit the back button, went back in and it took.

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islandsnow: now that you can set the “left open” time, are you actually getting notifications?

i’ll have to test it out later, i’m still at work. will report back here