Sense Triggers Not working

Have door sensor and wyze bulb all setup with camera. All works and getting notifications for motion sense on camera, notifications for door sensor and am able to turn bulb on/off and adust hue/brightness. However, I set a trigger to turn on bulb when door opens and nothing happens. Tried resetting camera. Any one else?

Welcome to the community, @klavoie8212. I have my bulbs setup to turn “on” when a door is opened. I haven’t had any problems with them turning off and on.
I would go back and check the Device Triggers setup in the “Rules”. I have a trigger when door opens the light turns on. A second trigger to turn light off when closed.

It was literally right after I posted this it started working. Funny. So to answer my own question … Maybe wait as their may be a delay for new settings. :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m glad it started working for you. It’s not unusual for it to have a slight delay when you first connect the sensors to the network. Mine have worked seamlessly for a couple of months now.

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