No Push Notification

I have one camera with the starter pack of 2 door sensors and one motion sensor.

For some reason, I cant get the Wyze notifications to work on the door sensors.

I tried troubleshoot:

  1. The motion push notification on the camera works fine. When the camera detects movement, i get a Wyze push notification. That tell me that the notification service is correct on my phone.

  2. The sensors are correctly setup because I can see when it is open and when it it closed using the Wyze app.

  3. I also setup IFTTT notifications on sensor open and that worked fine.

  4. Allow push notifications on the sensor is switch on.

  5. The bell icon on the home screen is active (no line through icon)

  6. Both the sensors, camera and bridge is on latest version of the software.

Its just he Wyze notification on both my door sensors that doesn’t work. It use to work and then just stopped for no reason.

Please, can any one help me?

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Hello @jacobusjonker and welcome to the community.

I have seen reports of this with Android off and on today, I would recommend turning in a support ticket. You probably will not hear much until tomorrow.

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I have send a support ticket Wyze Ticket 375695, but after my first reply they stopped replying to me.
I dont know if they got my message or if they are working on it or not.

I will see if I can get someone to follow up tomorrow

Also logged a tick and The help desk guys were not very helpful. They indicated that a fix should be available in the next 2 weeks as per email from them