No Push notifications on my android note 9

who else is having trouble receiving Push notifications to your android phone? I have several cameras several contact sensor’s one motion sensor and one bulb. I can get them all to interact with each other using rules but I can’t get any of them to send a notification to my phone

I have a Note 9, and as I was reading your question I got a notification. I have 10 cams, sensors, and bulbs. No issues. :thinking:

— Edit —
I stand corrected. I’m not getting notifications from sensor triggered cams, only camera motion detection triggered ones. Probably this is why: Push notification for sense stopped working

I can get my motion sensor to turn my wyze bulb on and off and I have an awkward work around using ifttt but I can’t currently get the wyze app to send any notifications

Yes, exactly. I can see that my cameras which are trigger by motion sensors are taking event videos, but no notifications are recieved. This appears to be a global issue.

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If all the Wyze app settings are correct to get notifications on your phone, but you still aren’t getting them, I would recommend looking in the Android app settings to see if you have disabled notifications from the Wyze app.

If they’re working on Monday, and then they stop on Tuesday, only to start working again on Wednesday, it’s not some android setting.

Me too, android 9, sammy note 8, verizon.
Checked every possible permission option in both Android & App. Not good.