No notifcations, they're all on

I noticed this is a common problem. I have them all on from the bell to the push notification settings to the notification setting in general. I have also power cycled and redownload the app.

The notifications worked before. I can see the devices work but theres no notification.

Is there a way to fix this?

Notifications for what? Camera? Sensor?
What version of app?
I’m getting frequent notifications on my Android app (Beta)v 2.6.36 from my V2’s running a variety of firmware.

newest version, notifications for everything, camera, contact sensor, motion sensor
hmm seems like the android version is messed up

What version is the app? V2.5.36?

I’m using Android and all my notifications are coming through. It could be a problem with the app.


look at this thread

I’ve seen several users that have reported this problem, and I’m not sure what is causing this because it is only affecting a few and not everyone on Android. On my tablet it’s running Android 7 and my LG v20 is an Android 8. Both are working without any problems. Contacting Wyze support and starting a support ticket would be a good idea. Submit a Request to Wyze