Push notification for sense stopped working

Anyone else have their push notifications for wyze sense stop working today on Android? It seems to be working fine on iPhone but my pixel 2 stopped sending notifications. I can see the activity in the app but it’s not alerting me. I’ve toggled all the notifications off/on, logged out/in, checked my phone settings and battery settings to make sure the phone isn’t blocking it. Haven’t had any firmware updates that I’m aware of. I know at least one other person is having the same issue starting today so I’m wondering if this is a widespread issue?

I’m not getting them either. Running Google pixel 3a.

Yes it happen to me to about 18 hours ago. Was work perfectly fine before that. I am getting notification with Person Detect and cam detection only. All Bridge and motion/contact sensor are working/triggering motion videos, but no audible notification with all sensors.

I have submitted Ticket been replying with a tech 3 times. No reply back yet …

Im having the exact same problem. It was working on Saturday and Sunday it just stopped working.
The camera detection notification still works but none of my door sensors are sending push notifications.
I get the notification from IFTTT if I link the sensors to that, but nothing from Wyze.

Im also on Android. Samsung

A few others mentioned it today. It seems like it must be an Android-related outage of some sort. No Push Notification

I am seeing the exact same issues, Galaxy S5. Cameras push notifications Work. None of the sensor notification work. The app does show events are triggered for each of the sensors. They pushed a update to the APP out, and perhaps that broke the sensor notifications.

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Add me to the list. Mine stopped a couple of days ago. Been trying to figure out what I’d done. Guess it wasn’t me. I’m Android, Galaxy S9, beta app and firmware on the bridge.
When I got the sense kit last week, it all worked fine. I tried integrating with Alexa, and update the sense firmware. Would either of those caused it to stop notifications?

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That’s interesting… Happened to me yesterday afternoon when I installed a contact sensor for the first time. I thought something about the contact sensor was preventing the motion sensor from working (which had been working fine for 7 months).

For clarity, the issue I am seeing seems consistent with the others here. The motion sensor and contact sensor are acknowledging motion and no contact via the app, but they are not bubbling up to notifications on my Android phone. My v1 camera is however sending notifications.

I checked all the individual device notification settings, the global setting across the app, made sure the bell doesn’t have a slash through it, and made sure Wyze is able to notify via my Android (Pixel XL) settings.

Wyze edviced me to do a factory reset on the cams affected to see if fixes the issues. But I believe the problem lies with the bridge/app programing integration.

He didn’t promise anything about the next app update will fix this for us.
Like others I spent so much time setting up everything was working so fine … Then this … have to wait up to install my new Wyse plugs and bulbs I just got latter … What a crying shame.

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i got the same problem

using an lg v20

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Same issue with Galaxy S7. Started on 11/10 or 11/11.

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Me also and support is telling me to flash my cameras manually or just wait for the next update not happy!

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Concur I had virtually the same experience I have bragged to so many people about how good wyze is. I feel betrayed

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I’m using a LG v40

Done the same tommyd … and told them I’m buying them one for them for Christmas :laughing:

Don’t want them to go though all the work time on a ladder in the freezing cold only to be disappointed with me after.

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I sure hope someone at wyze is reading this

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This is the same for me.a work around until they fix it is to use ifttt to send the notifications it seems to work fine

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I am having same issue. Started about a day or 2 ago. I changed nothing in my settings and it just stopped. I followed all recommendations on wyze faq/troubleshooting regarding fixing no notifications to no avail.

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Factory reset is probably their answer to most issues. I don’t think this will help me because I’m getting camera notifications but not sensor notifications to my Android phone. The notifications are working fine for an iPhone in my household. I don’t understand what changed. Pretty sure when a new firmware is released for a device I have to manually start the firmware and I haven’t done that in weeks. Only thing that might have updated on it’s own is my wyze app and if that’s the case then I would assume it’s a problem with the app and not the devices.

I don’t believe this is an app problem because the last update was on October 8 and this problem seemed to start around November10. Also if you use ifttt (if this then that) to send you a notification when one of the sensors opens or closed the notifications work. I believe the servers at wyze are not sending the notifications. It’s very simple to have ifttt send you a notification in the short term until they fix their problems.

It’s not only the sensor notifications that aren’t working. When looking at the individual sensors in the app it only shows when a door/window has been opened and not when it was closed. I tried power cycling the bridge and camera connected to bridge but it had no effect.