Are Push Notifications Down?

Wondering if it’s just me or are there no push notifications today June 4, 2020?

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Thanks. I also saw the news post. It’'s well past 4 am PST and I’m not getting any notifications what so ever… was wondering if it’s just me or if others are also not getting theirs.

I was woken up by the alerts last night, freaked me out for a bit but I can attest to the fact that I could not connect to the camera in question (didn’t belong to me) and I saw no images, just got an error connecting when I tried to view the alert. Next time, can you not have the problem at 3:00 am two days after my back yard was broken into and my sons’ bicycles were stolen! haha. Keep up the good work Wyze!

That’s got to suck! I still get no notifications at all.


Just started to get notifications. Sensors are nearly real time accurate…cameras…not so much and still laggy but at least it’s from my equipment.

I have not received notifications for about 2 days now. Is it just me?


Nope. You are not alone. Until recently I was in the same boat.

How laggy? The notification from the cameras come after a event is triggered, and the 12 second clip saved and is uploaded to the cloud. So should take about 15 seconds from trigger to notif in device. 12 second clip + 3 seconds upload and transmit time (in my experience). Sense sensors just straight send a notification to device.

I think maybe something / someone has been flipping bits at Wyze. I just checked my front cameras after some unexpected alerts and found (a) sound detection was turned on although it never was before and (b) all notifications were disabled from one camera. It may have been this way for a while now; not sure as I don’t futz with these very often.

As of yesterday evening, sometimes there is very little delay ( just a few seconds) other times a minute later, other times 15-20 ish minutes later…and the notifications arrive in a flood all at once. This happens whether my phone is in Wifi mode or on the mobile network.

I find also that when my android phone is idle for a 5-10 minutes ( phone is powered on but the “screen timeout” has occurred or I press the button to lock the phone) then Wyze notifications are not pushed through at all. None of them. My skybell notifications come through just fine…so do text, email, , etc. notifications…all work except wyze. The wyze app notifications setting are in the "on " state meaning on the main splash page the bell has no line through it, and each device is individually enabled. The phone notifications for Wyze app are enabled to the same extent as all my other apps. Do not disturb is off.

When my phone is in that state ( screen is off, phone is powered on but idle), I can test the situation by repeatedly actuating a front door sensor and cameras for motion detection. When I do that I also trigger my Skybell motion detection plus hit the doorbell button. I get repeated skybell notifications but no Wyze notifications ( no camera notification, no sensor notification). I should be getting both Skybell and all Wyze notifications within the same period of time…

When I blossom the phone on ( i.e. press a button to engage the lock screen…I get a flood of all the expected Wyze notifications ( camera motion detected and door sensor (open/close) arriving all once.

I’m positive this errant behavior is localized to the Wyze notifications mechanisms since all my other applications, including Skybell are performing and sending notifications as expected.

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Yep, i have experienced similar aswell. I don’t know how the Wyze app is programed, but it may be a combo of that and the Android OS. If you do a web search there are many a webpage and forum posts from everywhere that talk about Android pending notifications for all kinda of apps until the the phone is unlocked. Have you seen There is a list of things to do to try and prevent Android from holding notifications. Other than trying some setting tips and tricks I think it’s gonna be a problem for some until software devs (OS and/or app) come up with and implement a fix.

Um, or just have these apps send the user an SMS or MMS text message, which nearly ALWAYS work on every phone. Is there a simple way to do that with Wyze?

IFTTT is what first comes to mind to get text messages. Good call on the type of notification.

Thanks. Pity Wyze (and others) don’t have their own SMS gateway for that. I don’t want to link too many pieces of baling wire to my home and haven’t ventured into IFTTT territory yet.

I think you’re right. I’m about done troubleshooting.Its up to wyze team ro get these functional issues sorted out. I would think improper notification capabilities will affect doorbell sales and so on. It’s a great set of products at this price but that has no impact on my performance expectations.

Has there been a fix for this? I’m still not getting notifications.

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I am not sure. I get some notifications now but they are erratic. Either they come in as expected, or with a long delay then arriving in a flood or not at all when my phone is locked. I send daily logs to wyze asking for repair.

I still get no notifications at all

Come in WYZE fix this, this is a stupid problem.
We already know that the main problem here is: NO NOTIFICATIONS WHEN PHONE GOES TO LOCKING MODE.
I see hundreds of people with this problem for a long time now and no solutions.
We love the product just make it work.

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