App won’t send notification anymore [Moved]

hi! I have motion alerts activated for our front door camera, and after about 2 weeks of use, the app just will not send my notifications anymore. I have everything turned on to notify me, but it never does. Any help?

I have the same problem. I had this working, then turned off the push notifications. I’ve turned it back on but alerts have not resumed.

Same here. My wife turned off push notifications. When we turned it back on, motion no longer triggers a recording.

Same here. My wife turned off push notifications. When we turned it back on, motion no longer triggers a recording.
That's interesting. I've been having problems with motion recording recently too, but I don't know why(I'm working with support right now on it). It hadn't occurred to me that the notifications on the phone might be related. It seems sorta odd though too, I would expect for the feature to be useful, it wouldn't be dependent on being able to talk to mobile device.


Not sure why my post from yesterday disappeared but we are seeing the same issue. I don’t know if the push options were turned off by someone but I have checked to make sure that they are on and still no notifications.

I’m having the same issue. The cameras are recording correctly, and I see the motion events on the app, and all the notifications are turned on in my phone settings for the app, but I’m not getting any banners, badges, or sounds on my phone when an event happens.

My issue was fixed by unplugging and replugging all cameras. We are now getting appropriate recordings from motion and sound triggers again.

Worked for me. Thanks

I am sorry to hear the notification issues! My first recommendation would be to sign out of the app and sign back in. Please let us know if that works for you!

WyzeCam acknowledged this bug on Reddit - Google

Why isn’t WyzeCam acknowledging this bug here? Logging out of the app and rebooting the phone regularly is not an acceptable user interface design for mainstream consumers. Nor is having to remember to start the app when the phone is rebooted or restarts from an out of battery state.

My symptoms include:

  1. Receive push notifications (less than 100% of the actual motion sensed, even accounting for the forced delay between motion triggers) that take me to the Devices screen instead of to the Notifications screen as they used to. For some of my cameras there are NO corresponding entries on the Notifications screen. For other cameras there are.

  2. Don’t receive push notifications at all for some cameras, and there are no video clips on the Notifications screen.

  3. Don’t see video clips on the Notifications screen for some cameras.

All this worked at first…then stopped working.

Android 8.0.0 on Google Pixel

This sounds like an issue with the Android app. I’ve had no issues with IOS app notifications.

That’s interesting. I’m no longer receiving notifications on IOS devices but Android devices work normally.

UPDATE: Just fixed it by logging out of the Wyze app, restarting my IOS devices, and logging back in. I’m getting notifications now.

I have same issue on IOS. Was working then stopped. I’m 1200 miles away from my cams so can’t unplug. Whole purpose of these was to monitor remote property. Now they are useless.

Most people are able to resolve this by logging out of the app, restarting their phone, and logging back in.

I have my cameras plugged into a smart outlet so I can restart them remotely. Not ideal I know, but it works for me.

There was/is also an issue with the notifications related to using the camera share feature, or logging into the same account on multiple devices. This is fixed in the current Beta version of the app. (Was fixed in v 1.2
If you’re interested, You can get more information on joining the beta program here:

UPDATE: Logging out of the app and rebooting the phone doesn’t fix anything. Still no notifications on 2 of 4 cameras, and the notifications on the 2 cameras that arrive don’t open the app on the Notifications pages as they used to.

Looks like we’ve wasted a lot of time and money with these cameras that we’re supposed to watch our home when we leave town in a week.

I just set up my first camera today. I received a notification once, and then when I went to test it out again I did not receive anything. Tried a couple more times and did not receive the notification, though when you open the app it does say that the There was a motion detection alert. I unplugged the camera and plugged it back in, logged out of the app logged back in and that still did not work. I logged out of the app and restarted my phone, logged back in and I still do not get the notifications. I’m not sure if it’s due to Me updating the firmware when I first logged onto the app.

this happen to both my camera also last week. I’ve unplug the camera and plug it back in right away didn’t fix the issue, it only fix after I left it unplug for about 1 min.

<span style=“color: #000000; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;”>After updating the firmware…I now DO NOT receive any notifications to my phone. The only time I get alerted of a notification is when I open the app.I disconnected/reconnect the camera from the power, waited about 5 minutes before reconnecting, logged out / logged into the app. Uninstalled/Reinstalled app, power cycled phone BUT THIS STILL DID NOT WORK!!!</span>

I had this issue since the update. I was able to get the notifications to work again by turning off battery optimization for the wyze app. After changing the setting my notifications were the same as they were before the update.

Same with me also. I haven’t had any notifications since the last firmware or app update. I did tweet them looking for help and I also have opened a ticket. I’m waiting to hear back. I also posted in the Facebook group about the issue. I’ve also posted in the Facebook group about this as well.