Delayed Wyze event notifications

Is anyone else experiencing delayed Wyze event notifications on a Galaxy S8 Plus running Android 8.0.0?

Occasionally notifications come through immediately, but most of the time they are delayed up to several minutes or until I unlock the phone. All my other notifications (text, email, etc) work in a very timely manner.

I feel it’s an issue with the S8 Plus or it’s configuration since the Wyze event notifications come through immediately on my Galaxy Tab S tablet.

Both the phone and tablet are logged into the same Wyze account.

The phone has the battery power saving mode disabled, and the power monitoring for the Wyze app disabled. WiFi is enabled all the time. And, the Wyze app background data is not restricted.

Any suggestions on how to resolve?

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This weekend I updated to the new app and thought it was just me that the notification seem to be a little more delayed. I haven’t had a chance to really dwell on this though right now.

For me, delayed notifications on my phone were occuring before the latest Android app update.

I noticed there is at least a few minutes delay… Not sure if it was always like that because I just recently turned on push notifications with the new app. Sometimes there is only a 20 sec delay which is acceptable.

Same issue here on a Galaxy S8 plus. I’m actually running the wyze beta app but latest version. Can someone from Wyze please chime in. This is really annoying. Sometimes notifications show up normal and sometimes I get blasted with 20 delayed notifications from several hours all at once. The sound is driving my wife nuts. Me too actually.

Glad to here I’m not the only one. I’m running ver. 2.1.31 on both my S8 and Tab S . Funny how the notifications are timely on the Tab S, but sometimes delayed on the S8. Agree, very annoying.

Sorry to hear this, folks! One of the mods let me know about this discussion. We’re looking into what’s going on here. If you’re comfortable with it, please message me the following information:

  1. The MAC address of an affected Wyze Cam
  2. The time of the event that triggered a notification
  3. Your time zone
  4. The time that your notification arrived

Thanks for your concern on this issue. Based on your post I intentionally shifted all five of my cameras enough to cause a notification and monitored the time when the notification was received on both my tablet and phone.

Today, for all five cameras, each notification came in simultaneously on both my tablet and phone, and within a few seconds after the camera movement. As I understand it, the notification is sent after the 12 second video is uploaded.

Today, the issue appears to be resolved. Will let you know if delayed notifications occured in the future.

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Sounds good! Thank you for taking the time to do that and for your update. Hopefully this won’t be a problem for you again but I’ll be here if you need me later. :slight_smile:

So should it only take 12 secs for the notification to reach the phone/tablet after the until motion or sound event?

There’s a minimum of 12 seconds for recording the whole video once the motion starts before it is sent to the cloud. Once the video has uploaded into the cloud the cloud generates the push notification and sends it to the phone. Network speeds will impact the amount of time it takes for the push notification to come in.


Delayed notifications on the Galaxy S8 Plus is still an issue. For some reason when I ran my test on April 3rd notifications we not delayed. But since then they are almost always delayed for ALL cameras, sometimes 10 minutes or more. The event notifications come thru on my Galaxy Tab S when the event occurs, but the S8 Plus just lays there silent.

I’ve tried turning the battery optimization off for both the “Wyze” and “Wyze Cam” apps, but notifications are still delayed.

I usually here the notification sound on the S8 Plus when I unlock my phone or open the Wyze app.

@WyzeGwendolyn If you are still tracking this, it is still an issue. On my Moto Z3, notifications are delayed by minutes and sometimes longer. The same notification comes up almost immediately on my Onn Tablet. Not sure if it’s a setting but other apps on the phone alert on normal time frames.

It’s also still an issue with my Android ver. 9.0 devices, Galaxy S8
Plus and a Galaxy Tab A. My old tablet, a Galaxy Tab S, running
Android ver 6.0.1 never had delayed notifications.

After researching delayed notifications, I turned "Battery

Optimization" “OFF” for the Wyze app on my Galaxy S8 Plus. Left it
this way for a couple of months. It did not change the time
notifications were received, still late. So, I turn “Battery
Optimization” back “ON” on my S8 Plus and can see no difference,
notifications are still delayed. The Tab A has always had “Battery
Optimization” “ON”.

I have several Blink cameras and notifications from them are not

delayed, but very timely. “Battery Optimization” has always been
set to “ON” for the Blink app.

Sure hope this gets resolved either with an app update or someone

can share the settings that are causing the delay. Kind of defeats
the purpose of the cameras if notifications are delayed


Thank you both for the detailed information. Could you please fill out this form and include the time, date, and time zone from an Event video as well as the time and date that the notification came in? Please also include your Wyze account email so that we can look into this from our side.

Submit a request – Wyze

I submitted a support ticket on 8/12/19 with a link to a Google sheets spreadsheet with the info you requested

Thanks! May I please have your ticket number so I can look it up?

Thanks. Here’s the number:

Ticket number: 303439

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Thanks! I see that you’re already in contact with an agent so I will leave it alone. :slight_smile:

This has been the case for my Moto X4 and E4 for over 9 months. I went around in circles with multiple support reps and after multiple updates still have the issue and do not expect to see it resolved.