No longer getting notifications from 1 of 2 cameras

I’m no longer getting push notifications from one of my cameras. Started recently possibly after I added sense devices. The sense alerts are pushed but not video alerts anymore. I see the events in the app however.

Go into the cameras setting of the camera that you arn’t getting the notifications from anymore, what do the settings show? Try to turn the push notifications again but leave the app on the settings page for a moment after clicking on the slider. Does that change anything?

Does the bell on the main page in the Wyze app have the line through it? (it probably doesn’t since you get other notifications, but just checking everything)

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No that does not help . Notifications do not work on either of the cameras now. Both have all the correct setting in account camera and Android. All notifications are on. The sense work fine but neither of the cams alert. This started after installing sense.

They started working again last night without changing anything. Then again this morning stopped again. Now I am not getting notifications from the motion sensor as well. I did get a cleared notification but nothing for the active. Definitely android notification related - IFTTT notification works so the trigger is still firing. (Update) 2 hrs later all notifications started working again - no real hope that this will continue to work.

I’m having a similar issue. I have 3 wyzecam 1s and none of them are sending push notifications. I deleted and then added the cameras (with the same names if that matters), uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, restarted my phone. Wife’s phone is also not receiving the notifications. Events are there. Firmware is up to date… Help!

Very random behavior on notifications. I’ll get 1 and then nothing on the next 5 even though I can see the event in the event list. This happens on both cameras. The sensors seem to notify correctly for the most part but the cameras are hit or miss. Seems to have all started after adding the sensors. Hopefully there is a patch soon that will address this.

I too have been experiencing issues. My V2 stopped sending me push notifications and recording events for a little while. Then started recording events but no push. Then back to normal. It was all quite odd.

Power cycling two of the cameras seemed to fix most of the issues though for the moment.

I reflashed my camera last night and so far no issues from the V2 now. Will update again if anything happens. Also reupgraded the firmware to the latest beta.