Contact sensor not triggering bulb

I have a rule such that if a door is opened, a bulb turns on. I’m using the Beta app & it’s set to only run 5pm-11:55pm every day. I’m getting the wyze notification when the door opens (contact sensor) but the bulb is not turning on. The bulb is connected fine – I can turn it on/off via the Wyze app. When I look in Rules History the rule never triggers (nothing shows up).

Any thoughts? I’ve tried deleting the rule and re-creating it but still the bulb won’t turn on.

For what it’s worth I have another contact sensor on the same Sense bridge elsewhere in the house that triggers a number of bulbs only at certain times of day without any issue.

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I would delete the rulle that is not working and set it up again. someone mentioned the other day they were having trouble with a rule executing but when they set it for a little time in the future ( say 5 or 10 minutes in the future of the time you are creating the rule i.e. 10 minutes from right now) when it got to the time the rule should run it executed perfectly. I haven’t tried to recreate this and I haven’t seen this being a wide spread issue but its something to try.

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I have a contact sensor that is supposed to turn on and off the light as it opens and closes the contact sensor on the door. I have three other things on that bridge that all work correctly but I cannot get that contact sensor and that lightbulb to work correctly. It’ll turn it on but not off. sometimes it won’t do either. so I’m not sure what’s going on with the contact sensor light situation either. I even tried a different contact sensor. I deleted both devices out of the app and reloaded them. I deleted the rules And re-added them. I don’t know what other troubleshooting ideas there are besides the five minute idea that was given @Bam . Which I will try

Usually helps if you can post images of the rules settings…


Mine are simple.

Cool, but I was sort of replying to the OP. :+1:

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Here’s the rule. I never did get it to work, even when I tried following Bam’s advice.

I ended up creating a Routine via Alexa that replicates the exact same thing, which works fine. Seems silly to run the Wyze devices through Amazon’s servers for this, but it works with no noticeable time lag.

I have about 2 dozen other rules on the Wyze app with a variety of sensors and bulbs that all work perfectly fine.


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Didn’t work for me. I commented this below but I replicated the rule via a Routine with Alexa which works fine. Silly to need the workaround, but it meets my need.


I did the same thing and I couldn’t get my contact sensor and bulb to work either. And I have several routines in the app that work just fine. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. I’m on iOS just to get more information.

I have the same with my Foyer light. When the front door opens, between 1800 and 0600 the next day, the foyer light comes on.

iOS or Android?

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