BUG - Old V1 Sensor is triggering lights

I have a V1 Contact Sensor I removed from Wyze when I got my V2 sensors and hub in. I also made sure I removed them from all Rules.

A little History: this was my old Garage Door sensor called “Garage Door” which would turn on a 2 lights when the Garage Door was opened and then Off when my Garage door was closed.

I removed the sensor and rules associated to it once I got my V2 Sensors in. I now have a Contact Sensor “Garage Door V2” which causes the lights to go on when the door opens.

Today, I was testing something for another community member and added the V1 Contact Sensor back to my mix of devices and called it “Test Sensor”, but did not add it back to any rule. When I opened the sensor, the lights came on when I closed it lights went off. Seems to be running the same rules it was part of in the past regardless of the name being different. I assume it is using the Mac Address.

Note: I am testing the new rules engine and have reported this to Wyze as well. Waiting to hear back from them on this.

I submitted a log on this issue: 229670

@WyzeQi , if you have any idea on what you would like me to try, please feel free to ask.



keep sending in logs. I dont know why these are staying active but I have seen other such reports of “ghosts rules” as well. we are working on getting some attention on this.

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I figured it out, I had set up an IFTT that I forgot about…


ohhhh good call! and thanks for posting back. that gives us yet another idea as to what could be causing it for others as well. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

Wish that was my case, I don’t use IFTTT. :frowning:

I literally, setup my V2 Hub and devices, deleted all Rules, Deleted my V1 Contact Sensors, and removed the old Bridge.

I then setup the new Rules with the new sensors and V1 Motion Sensors. Everything has been working great. I then decided to do a test for a community member, added 1 V1 contact sensor to my Wyze Sense Hub and once it loaded successfully the lights came on in my room. The sensor was open. I closed the sensor the lights went off. :slight_smile:

Hence the ghost rule as it is not part of any rule, but seems to be running the old rule it was part of.

@spamoni4 We’re working on it. I think the problem is that once you add a device that you deleted, the rule will still be effective. However, we’re looking into it.

Thanks, note that I don’t have the device associated with any rules.

Quick question, I am going to put a wishlist item in as follows:

All of the devices has a Rules menu in the Settings area of the device. I would like to see that show the Rules the device is part of currently then provide a mechanism to add a rule from that screen. This would allow for individuals to quickly see what rules the device is part of at a glance. You think this would be a benefit?

@spamoni4 This is a good idea. I’ll take it into consideration.

When I was debugging my issue, I was able to see triggers/events by rule connection to device. It Is so close I thought they already had it, I second that idea

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