Garage Door Opener

Would love to see a device that will allow us to open/close the garage door and see its stats in the app.

Thinking something like the MyQ system that mimics an RF Transmitter to the door or something like the WeMo maker of old that wires inline, or in place of the wall button.

Minimal programming background, but a replacement wall button may be the easier way to go/start as to not have to deal with RF codes and will work with most non-commercial openers.


I feel that wyze might be spreading their team too thin if they keep on creating too many smart devices.
It does sound nice though.

The wyzecam app still has room for improvement but it’s getting better each time. I think the camera sensor could use some improvement in clarity. Also, night vision could be improved. I have a dlink that has a much stronger night vision. I like that they have an outdoor camera in the works though because this is still focused on the same category of security cameras.


While I don’t disagree that a rapid expansion of their product line would spread them thin, I don’t think they’d take things on without the proper planning and research. Which is why this was posted to the “wish list” area, to throw the idea out as they expand upon their ecosystem in the future.

If you take a look at the road map section (newly separated from the wish list this past week I believe) they are working on an outdoor cam among a slew of other improvements.


I installed a smart switch an app on my garage door. Nexx Garage. It’s got lots of functionality like auto open when I (the phone) drive up, and Alexa integration so I can always ask the status and trigger it. Next I’ll add a wyze cam from inside the garage to monitor it visually.

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I’m looking into getting the tailwind garage door opener or the Nexx one, I haven’t decided yet. I have a MyQ garage door opener and it is AWFUL. It opens and closes through the app fine, however they removed any automation in the name of “safety”. I used to be able to run IFTTT applets to open my door when I got home, which is why I bought it to begin with. Then about a month after I installed it and set up the IFTTT, it just stopped working. This is another product I would buy from you in a heart beat.


I would like to see Wyze create a new device that would open and close my garage door from my wyze app.
I have a wyzecam in my garage and can see when it’s open or not, would like to be able to close/open remotely.


This should be a very easy task for Wyze.

Design a simple relay circuit that plugs into the back of a Wyze cam very much like the Sense bridge. This device would have two terminals on it that would allow you to connect easily to the button connectors on the opener itself.

Hang the camera from the bottom of the opener and away you go. You can now control your garage door opener from your app, and a camera view is there for your convenience.

Going one step further, add this circuit to a Sense Bridge, and you could then use the Sense contacts on the door, and it would notify you if you left it open.


you can do most of that right now though and all you need is an outlet and mounting tape for the sensors. although controlling the door isn’t something you could do.

the door moving would trigger the camera, so just plug it in in the garage somewhere facing the door. and there are a few ideas for placing the contact sensors on the garage door. some involving hinges ( which I have used because its a darn good idea)

you would now have a view and the contact sensor has an option to alert you when the contact is open for a timeframe you designate.

oddly enough this is the current setup I have ( camera facing the door and contact sensors on the door)

so really all you would need is a smart garage door opener which surprisingly aren’t terribly expensive.

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None of the smart garage door openers let you view the actually door opening/closing with a camera unless you pay an additional fee or buy one over $150. To use a SINGLE app to open/close while viewing the garage door is what’s needed, not a mishmash of apps like some readers have suggested


Yes, I’d love to see a device like this! A replacement wall button or even sticky wall device like other sense items would be great. I’m not an expert but I can’t imagine it would be that difficult for them to develop… Wyze Sense already uses radio frequency communication. This would be smart home gold! I’d pay 20+ for a new wall button I could control opening through the app!
Additionally, just like with other integrated features they’ve deployed, they could auto trigger recording on certain camera(s) when opened.

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I just install ismartgate pro, it supports 3 garage doors. I can use it with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. It supports IFTTT as well. Oh, I still can control it from phone, ipad, or the web. I have the Wyze sensor to tell me when it is open and the Wyze cams to watch it go up and down, if I am so inclined.

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Continuing the discussion from Garage Door Opener (with Wyze Sense):

A few YouTubers have posted some interesting garage door Wyze hacks. Here is one you might like; Wyze Contact Sensor implemention

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Without having torn anything apart, I would think that they could even do something as simple as the Sense Hub that plugs into the back of the camera with a relay built in… Essentially instead of the Hub LED that is there now, just put a spot where we could connect to the relay and voila! Theres your opener.

The momentum garage door opener costs less than $100 and allows you to view the door while opening or closing.

I’ve been considering the ismartgate pro as well.

Sweet I have the momentum garage door opener which supports two garage doors but has no sensor (though it has a camera). I can add the wyze sensor to let me know if I left the garage open for more than half an hour. Finally I have a use case for the sensor.

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This sounds good. Hopefully Wyze will do this soon

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I am in favor of this. I have a “Dumb” garage door opener but it would seem to be a pretty easy to replace the button with a smart button that fits within the Wyze ecosystem.

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A device to remotely open/close the garage door through the network. Maybe this could be made into a “bridge” device to add to an existing camera that’s already on a garage?



I have a momentum garage door opener with camera and SD card as well as free cloud storage. It lacks a sensor though I can see the door via the camera if it is opened or closed. Was thinking of adding a wyze sensor to notify me if it is open for more than a few minutes.