Garage Door System

Is there any plans to make an interface that will be able to plug in to any current Garage Door System?

Ideas of things that could do.

  • Open and Close the Garage Doors from the Wyze App.
  • When Opening turn on a Wyze Plug that has a light or Turn on Bulbs in the Garage.
  • Start recording on a Wyze Camera in the Garage.
  • Have Codes so I can give one to my neighbor when they come to drop off something.
  • Get rid of the current Garage Openers that I have to carry in my car and are ugly :slight_smile:
  • Use Geolocation Rules, and allow users to decide if they want the Garage Door opened or shut.
  • Notifications if the Garage Door is open for X time.

I have a Wyze v2 pointing to the doors, would be nice to integrate that to when the garage doors open. I have a Wyze Lock in the basement door with a keypad, so it would be nice to be able to enter the house on that side without physical keys, just using codes or my phone. This would be awesome for when my neighbor needs to come and drop off something or check on my cat. No more dropping off physical keys, I can assign a code or reset a code remotely even when I am not around. And also, if you are sleepy and left the garage door open get a notification and even close it from bed!!!



Great ideas! I’m sure there are some Wish List items about Garage Door integrations. If none match that you could add your ideas to, maybe add one!

I’m using the MyQ Hub here but paired with a v2 cam. The MyQ part is a requirement for Amazon Key deliveries. Not expecting Key support from Wyze but some folks don’t want/need this part and the MyQ hub proves it’s a viable approach for even old lifters (just need to emulate a remote).

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All you need to do, is add a Switch that can temporally close to Open/Close the door, just like when the User pushes the Open/Close button. You have a multitude of products that can be controlled remotely, by your App that works as a switch. The Lower Voltage App Switch can control a higher voltage Relay, which will act as the Garage Door Button.

Safety side: all garage door openers have built in door sensors. So, you do not need to reinvent it!

This will be an add on to our current Camera that we have installed in our garage.

Wyze Garage remote switch…Done!

PS - you can even sell this switch as an accessory that users can use for other controller

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Can someone give more detail? I have a newer MyQ Hub built into my garage door opener and want to connect either a V2 or V3 camera.

I also have an unused Wyze door lock with keypad available.

Seems like a nice setup some of you have done; would like to add that functionality to mine. Thx!

Yes, I have that product in my shopping cart for like a year now, but the problem is that I have too many “other brands” in my house already, which means other apps and all that. I am trying to live a simple life outside of work (I am a dev/eng), where I can be lazy, plug and play, click click and done. That and the fact that I was able to get my wife to get interested in all the toys I have plugged in our house, to the point that she was the one asking for the Wyze Vacuum when it launched, which previously was a big no no, since she is not a fan of technology at all, so the more complex a setup is, the least she will be interested in using it (more apps, more settings, more tweaking, more hardware, etc).

Very good app, Wyze. It’s more functional now.

Very good app, Wyze. It’s more functional now. When I ordered my garage door installation [Mod Edit], I had not yet considered the Wyze app for use. And now, the Wyze garage door controller allows me to control and view my garage door from anywhere with the Wyze Cam v3 and control box, so I can see the door when I open or close it remotely using the Wyze app. The Wyze controller is a modified device that connects to an existing door opener and allows it to be controlled remotely through a Wi-Fi connection.

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Any way we can get photos and additional info on your set up?