Garage Door Opener Survey


My name is Hongfei and I work as a Product Manager at Wyze.
I’ve heard that many of you put cameras in the garage and I have a few questions about garage door openers if you have a minute.

Thanks for your help!



I did not actually put it on the Garage Door opener, it is on a shelf look at the Garage door. I also have a Door Contact sensor to let me know if it is open or closed.


I currently use a MyQ system connected to my LiftMaster garage door opener. So technically my garage door opener is not WiFi connected by itself so I marked no on the survey… But with a MyQ system it does work through WiFi because that device just controls it as though it’s a garage door remote.

Pretty cool stuff that MyQ system. Lets me know if it’s open, closed, notification if it’s been open for X amount of time, notification if it’s opened during certain hours, schedule it to automatically close itself at night or other times of day, closes with Google assistant or control it on my phone. Sends me alerts whenever anyone forgets to close the garage and let’s me do it remotely. It’s easily one of the best IOT purchases I’ve ever made. I am surprised there have only been 1-2 real options for these type of devices out there for so many years.

Stick a Wyze contact sensor on there and it allows other automations through Wyze too.


I also have a MyQ system in use so I wouldn’t be interested in a garage door opener, though I would be interested in a smart garage door lock. The type that locks the door into the frame rail. I havent tried mounting a Wyze door lock to see if that would work.


Survey is done

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I completed the survey.
I have a 2 car garage with each side having a separate door and opener. One side(the one used more frequently) has a newer Raynor/Chamberlain WIFI connected opener(replacing a broken older Craftsman model). This opener uses the MyQ app and it works well. I like it for the reasons others have stated above. The other side still uses an older Craftsman opener from the early 90s that isn’t compatible with any of the current retrofit solutions. I have a V3 inside my garage.
I would definitely be interested in a product like this from Wyze!


I also use that opener. For the cost the only downside to it was it is not made by Wyze.

And of course now that I’ve owned it for 6 months here they come :-). Definitely something I would look to upgrade though


Yes, I agree with the above 2 statements, I love my MyQ, the only downside to my MyQ device is that it wasn’t made by Wyze. I would replace it if Wyze made one.


Survey completed.

Same here.



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Complete and my setup is the same. 2 cameras on shelves pointing at the doors.

I imagine on the garage door opener is attractive because of the outlet above the door opener.
Which I assume cause a fair amount of jitter on playback/record when the door is opening or closing.

I use the Meross openers on my doors and was actually a part in their crowd funding to make it happen. The devices that turn normal garage door openers to smart ones have worked well, but not great… The app also could use some refinement. Response is not great to requests to open or close and one of my doors always needs to be “closed” a second time, at the first request it starts to close trips the safety then goes back to full open position. Then if I request a close right after, it closes…

With that… yea, I am down to replace, matching the rest of my Wyze ecosystem


Hi Hongfei,

If you are goin to design a Wyze garage door opener, please think on the SIMPLE side.

You do not need to interface nor care of the Make and Model.

Most of them [80% or higher] all use a 2 wire system with their Wall Controller.

To Open/Close the Door, you just press the button, which temporarily connect the 2 wires.

So, all you need to do is run a parallel 2 wire to your Wyze controller that will emulate the Temporary closing of the 2 wires.

I can help you more on the Switching side with High level relay. The rest is your existing Wyze WiFi interface, powered by the USB Charger.

Electrical/Electronic Engineer


I also use MyQ so one door has a Craftsman Rolling code adapter as the opener is an old DIP Switch Genie. The Wyze camera is set for spoke alarm detection.

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I built my own wifi garage door opener. I have three doors. By using Homebridge I can ask Siri to “ Open Dave’s pod!” Or ask the status of the doors. I have one camera covering the side entrance door.
It would be nice to have Wyze connect to Homebridge(I know it’s been requested several times!)
Here’s a link to the code


As many here, I also have a myQ WiFi opener that makes my dumb garage door opener smart.

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Done. I have a Meross opener hooked into my liftmaster accessory terminals in my main garage door. Works without issue. I have been thinking about putting something on my second garage door. The Meross opener is tied into Alexa to work several routines across different manufacturers.

So my setup is that my garage door opener is WiFi connected, but not using the manufacturer’s system for connectivity.

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Impressive to build your own. Stanley Kubric would be proud: “Open the pod by doors Hal”

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