A 12 pin universal garage remote

A universal garage remote from Wyze. So I can open or close my garage doors from anywhere from my phone.
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They are already “researching”. This is the first forum search hit for “garage”:

thank you for the quick response.
I am a big fan of Wyze products (introduced Wyze to a lot of my friends too).

There is an entering gate at the front of my house.
It would be great if I can install one of these Wyze garage door openers in the house,
so I can open/close my front gate to deliver guys remotely.
As now I can only use the button on the intercom or a universal garage remote to open/close the gate, but I have to be home to do so.
My packages would be way safer to be left at my front door instead of the front gate.

I have no doubt Wyze will find a way to come out with an easy to use garage door opener for us.
I can’t wait! Please keep me updated on this matter.
Keep up the good work!
thank you,


FYI this is just a customer forum and we are mostly users, not Wyze reps, so I guess you might want to either contact the company more directly or just check in on the forum from time to time…

Got it.

If you added a Garage Remote and a water sensor, you would have the sector locked up.