Keypad for Wyze Garage Door Controller

I know the garage door controller just came out but can we get an outdoor keypad for it like the door lock, please? A temp passcode could be created and entered under the delivery options with Amazon. This would be super helpful for package delivery, especially come the holidays and during inclement weather.

I like your idea! We will consider it in our next gen


Thank you! I’d love to be able to take advantage of that option that Amazon offers. I believe FedEx and UPS also have the ability to do garage drops with a passcode if you enter it under delivery instructions. Never had the ability to test it though. I hesitate giving a code for them to access my house for obvious reasons but I’d be totally down with garage access.

I’m imagining being able to set the length of time the door remains open before it gives an audible warning with blinking light that it’s about to close. For large packages that require a dolly and some extra maneuvering time or a lot of packages that require multiple trips to the truck the delivery person(s) wouldn’t be caught on the wrong side of the closing door. Obviously the AI notification and event recording would allow the home owner to monitor the entire delivery. I don’t know if the ability exists to only allow the garage to open part way (say 2 or 3 feet) for packages to be slid in to limit person access but also something that may be considered as an option for the controls.

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Or maybe Wyze could make the Wyze Lock Keypad work with the garage door controller? That would probably just be a software change. That way something new doesn’t need to be created for the keypad option. The lock button could be repurposed as the open/close button after a pin is entered.

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Outside keypad for garage door controller

I’d like a keypad for exterior mounting that can open or shut the garage door.

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Allow the existing keypad for the door lock to be usable with the new garage door opener.

Wyze Lock Keypad to with with garage door

Would love it if the Wyze Lock Keypad worked with the Garage Door Controller


Making the keypad similar to the wyze lock bolt with the finger print reader too would be very nice. Then syncing between the lock and the garage keypad to admit certain people to the garage and home would be nice as well.

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I have the keypad that came with the Wyze Sense Security Kit, and it’s unused, as I don’t have any need for that subscription.

It would be nice to re-purpose this Wyze Sense Keypad

in place of the Wyze Lock Keypad

that is used with the Wyze Lock Bolt

And a step further would be to make the Wyze Lock Bolt’s keypad with it’s fingerprint sensor
an option to use with the Wyze Lock.

I’m going to guess that these three ‘Keyboard Cousins’ while being ‘related’ in name only, are not compatible with each other in any way shape or form, which is a shame.


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Garage opener keypad

Would it be possible to get a keypad for the garage door opener? Something to mount to the outside, like for the Wyze lock?

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I would love to see a garage door keypad with a camera so we can see who is putting in the code and a finger print sensor.