Wyze Garage Door Controller - First Impression

Got the Wyze Garage Door Controller today and just got it installed

Here’s what’s in the box

Here’s what’s not in the box

A STICKER??? Really? The garage door opener has no sticker??? And no App badge, say it ain’t so. :sob::crazy_face::face_exhaling::grinning:

Ok.so, took me a little longer for install, mostly because I decided to swap my standard outlet above my garage door opener to a smart outlet just in case I ever need to power cycle the Cam.

After power was back on I went right at it.
The instructions are super easy to follow. I had a purple button garage door opener and option 2 (trip test) worked perfectly.

Setup was not much different than setting up a normal V3 except the extra cables and controller, all really plug-n-play. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

Mounting, geez…, I’m kind of a clean wire freak. Not the easiest because there is a fair amount of wiring and a garage door opener doesn’t have a lot of hiding spots but I got it where I liked it.

Word to the wise… clean all your areas you are mounting with the 3M tape. It’s a garage I’m sure it’s dirty, it’s ok… most of them are. This will ensure longer lasting adherence.

I will note that I just used the magnetic base for the camera and stuck it to the garage door opener box, and I’m a bit floored how well it stays, not only that but the camera does not shake a ton when the door goes up and down… this really blew me away.

Got the door calibrated to the QR code after a firmware update and the door functions perfectly. I will be honest, I’m not stoked about having a giant QR code stuck to my garage door, but whatever.

The door Goes up when I open from the app and down when I close from the app.

And that’s my 15 minutes with the Wyze Garage Door Controller (GDC)

Will dive in and play and make note of any coolness.
Please ask any questions you may have and share your experience.


Well done. Not a fan of the QR code on the door? Well, at least is on the INside, right?

That was a clever idea changing out the outlet to a smart outlet. You’ve seeded several ideas for me. Thanks.


Thank you.

You are correct it’s on the inside. I dunno it just gives me that… Scan this for your menu feeling :rofl: I am sure I won’t even notice it.

I have slowly been replacing a lot of my outlets with those or USB outlets. Would love to see a Wyze one in the future.


@R.Good, thank you for the thank you. I love my Wyze products. But because of some of the limitations or decisions, I have had to explore ways to plug my holes. And I am one of those people that will buy something because its inexpensive and add to it vice buy something that does the job right the first time. And I also try to look down the road for how I might invest in something that helps me justify to myself, why I overspent to accomplish something that’s cheaper. I hope that makes sense. I had already bought and was using the hub for this product, for my long reach between mailbox and house. So, getting the sensor didn’t require buying the hub. Just wanted you to see this.
When this sensor 'rolls" 90 degrees, as the door opens, it tells me its status. Love it
Thank goodness I can pull different product/manufacturer solutions into Alexa and don’t need to use different product rules.
And nuff said.

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Your QR code seems too low on the door. Do you park any vehicles in your garage? I put my QR code at the top of my garage door.

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I do… good call. Didn’t even think about it. Recalibration is in my near future.


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Good looking out… squared away now.


I was about to say, who brought the QR code poster haha

Yo! Welcome back to the forum @Green_Cafe!

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Thanks for the review, i am planning to use it for other than garage door, can you tell us about the trigger, how long is the signal, there should be two ‘tick’ sound coming from the device when opening or closing the door, how many second between them?

Having read the three reviews listed in the promo I received for the controller, I’m responding to (maybe) give some other owners of Chamberlain openers hope. I was left my current home when my parents both passed away a few years ago. I was also left with two garage door openers. One, a (Chamberlain) Liftmaster was OK, and when it came time to “smarten” it, I tested with the technique of shorting the two contacts from the door button. It worked. So… not all Chamberlain openers are no-goes.
The other opener made so much noise when operating you could hear it down the street. It was replaced by an opener that has built-in smarts.

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That’s a great ides for the smart switch with usb ports when you have to reboot one of your usb powered devices from afar. I have outlets with the usb ports, but none of them are smart. Thanks for that idea. I really like that. I have a Meross garage door controller that has worked great for me for a few years or I would have purchased this.

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Meross is what I replaced for the Wyze GDC. I got the Meross ones when it was being crowd funded.
Always had issues with the devices disconnecting, and Meross app updates were a pain. Why they made the icon so small for a few months I have no idea.

Are you asking from button push to time for action?

I hear only a single click, opening and closing

Closing: There is a 5 second countdown when closing, the GDC beeps and Strobes with the light, hear the click then the door closes
Opening: Instantaneous, single click then the door opens.

the sound i am talking about is something inside the electronic parts of the controller

there might be one click that give a signal (short the circuit) I am looking for the length of this signal.

don’t bother it might need a voltmeter to know that :slight_smile:

My Meross has been working just fine for at least two years now. I guess they worked the bugs out of it since you got it. It blends well with Alexa but I assume the Wyze does as well.


Whose outlet is that? Are the USB-A independently controllable?

Lumary. The 2 outlets are independent and the 2 usbs are together

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The USBs are Smart and can be turned off/on? If so, that’s great.

I like this. But it would be nice if we could use our older V2 cameras instead!

I have a bunch of V2 cameras around after upgrading to V3 cameras. Using a V3 camera for this garage door opener seems inefficient. Because the V3’s sealed outdoor capabilities and starlight super night vision sensor are both unnecessary for this application when a V2 camera would do just fine.