Use keypad to open garage door with garage controller

I would like to request the ability to use the keypad currently used with the lock to open my garage door. The idea is to leverage the keypad being used for the lock to trigger the garage door when Wyze garage door controller is installed. Keypad PIN code management would be managed in app instead of dealing with generic exterior garage mounted keypads that have to be programmed at the keypad.

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I just said the same thing to support. Please want to trigger the garage door controller with the keypad.

Without so like to use the garage door controller separately to trigger a handicapped door opener so then the keypad could be used with caregivers different codes programmed for each. Or when the caregiver punches in the code to unlock the deadbolt so triggers the door opener to open at the same time

I’m hoping that this request get’s reconsidered. I have a number of new contractors that need access to the garage door when I’m not around. This would be very helpful. This don’t need access to the house just the garage.