Garage Door Controller - Garage Opener Button on Home Screen of app

If you have the garage camera in a group it is a multi-step process just to get to the little button to open/close the garage. This would be a great feature to add to the home page/screen. It could be green when closed and red when open to easily identify the status.

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Garage Door Controller Device Button

Just installed the Garage Door Controller. Very easy installation. Well done! I am retiring my Nexx Garage controller for this. Not that Nexx was bad cause it wasn’t. Just stagnant technology. Glad to have the camera integration.

After installation, I was a little surprised it only shows up in the Wyze app as the camera. I was hoping there would be a garage door open/close button in the device area of the app. I mean, if you have the capability to open/close the garage door with your phone, why not make that easily accessible without having to open and connect to the garage door camera first?


Yes I vote this a googol times. :+1:

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Literally, exact same issue. I replaced my Nexx as well and yeah…need a button on the home screen.


I’ve would like this too…but I noticed when I look at said camera with controller installed, it always says “closed” even if open!

Check the calibration of your QR Code.

Make sure you vote for this feature at the top of the thread if you want to see Wyze incorporate it. Thanks!

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That, and if it could be added as a shortcut right on the phones home screen.


Yes please. I see that you can close the garage door with a shortcut. But there is no shortcut for open. But seriously. It takes me forever to open the app, Find my garage camera. Open it. Let the camera load and then populate the garage door button. Then click it. Yeah it takes 15-20 seconds to do. But with this heat, I get back from a hour bike ride dead tired and cooking in the summer sun is not fun while trying to fumble with my phone to open the garage.


Yes that is my only complaint so far about this product to much digging through the app to get to that dang button to open or close the door.


No word on update for open shortcut? Also Google voice controls still dead in the water?

Wouldn’t mind if there was some sort of Siri integration or shortcut to open/close the garage door as well.

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