Garage Door Controller - Add Confirmation to Controller Button

Just got the Garage Door Controller and really love it!

Issue: In Wyze app, when viewing the camera connected to the controller where there is the “Controller” button (see screenshot below), I accidentally hit it, which opens the garage door right away. Not so fast.

Solution: I think the Controller button should ask to confirm before opening the garage door. Sure, it is an additional step, but I prefer peace of mind and security over opening right away with just one tap.

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Improvement request for Garage Cam V3 with controller

I’ve an improvement request for WYZE developers. I’ve been using Garage Cam V3 with controller for a few months. The controller green button in the WYZE app is a little risky. It should ask for a confirmation before opening or closing the garage. All it does is open or close the garage door right away with few seconds count. Ideally it should ask for a confirmation like Y/N to be on the safe side. Is this something which can be built in the next software release ?

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I bumped the open/close button when I was showing someone the camera/garage door controller (and wasn’t aware). I noticed the button doesn’t have a confirm dialog/button, so it’s pretty easy to click that button without intending to. This happened to me and I found out I accidentally opened our garage door while I wasn’t home. An ideal solution would be to show a confirm dialog in case this was accidental.