Garage Door Controller Widget

For better accessibility, add a widget to our phones. There are Wyze app device widgets. Why not make one of those a button to open and close your garage door? I ride a motorcycle. It would be nice to just pull up, open the phone, hit a quick button to open the garage door!

We definitely need this.


Absolutely agreed! Or at least an option to make a shortcut to Open the Garage door. There’s a shortcut option to close it, why not open.


Allow Garage Door Controller to be a separate option through IOS Widget

With Meross you can scroll to widget to see if garage door is open or closed and can hit a button to cause it to open or close from the widget (without going into the app). Please add that here for the Wyze Garage Door Controller.

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Yes yes yes. Curious as to why there’s only a shortcut to close the garage door. I think adding a widget with a single button to open or close is the ideal scenario.

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