Garage Door Controller Widget

For better accessibility, add a widget to our phones. There are Wyze app device widgets. Why not make one of those a button to open and close your garage door? I ride a motorcycle. It would be nice to just pull up, open the phone, hit a quick button to open the garage door!

We definitely need this.


Absolutely agreed! Or at least an option to make a shortcut to Open the Garage door. There’s a shortcut option to close it, why not open.


Allow Garage Door Controller to be a separate option through IOS Widget

With Meross you can scroll to widget to see if garage door is open or closed and can hit a button to cause it to open or close from the widget (without going into the app). Please add that here for the Wyze Garage Door Controller.

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Yes yes yes. Curious as to why there’s only a shortcut to close the garage door. I think adding a widget with a single button to open or close is the ideal scenario.


This is highly needed. Wyze Team, what’s the status of this feature request?

Is there another way to make this happen? Action Blocks, Google Assistant, etc?


Yes! This…this would make the controller so much more useful!


Technology makes things easier! Which is exactly why I’m glad I have this cool internet-connected garage door opener. It’s way easier than my old fashioned garage door opener, which requires me to unlock my phone, open an app, search for my garage door opener device, and then push a small picture of a button and wait fifteen seconds. It’s so much easier pushing a single physical button with my new wyze opener! Oh wait… I think I got that backwards?

Why are we voting on this feature? I didn’t have to go to Toyota’s website and vote for the “seats” feature for my car. It was obvious that, although seats aren’t required to function as a car, they are necessary for usability… just like a button to open a garage door. Come on, wyze–this should have been part of the app before these things were made available for sale. I like the ingenuity in your products, but this is just dumb.


Loving that we can have widgets now. I just would like to have a widget where I can control my garage to open and close instead of getting in app to do so it will only give you that on or off and that would be to turn off the camera so maybe that could be something to come ?

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I must admit i was disappointed when i received my wyze garage opener. I knew it integrates with a camera, but didn’t realize you would have to go to the camera to use the garage door opener. Making it an “accessory” to a camera is really disappointing. I agree the opener should have it’s own button/tile/widget. I should not have to go through the camera, to get to my garage control. If i wasn’t trying to keep all my gadgets wyze, i was tempted to return it and reinstall my nexx. I love my wyze but I think someone dropped the ball on this one. I hope this gets enough votes to be pushed though


Wyze really dropped the ball on this one. There needs to be a widget button so I don’t have to open the Wyze app and then find the camera and then push the button. There needs to be a widget on the homepage that will allow you to select one of five different garage doors to open at least. I can’t believe somebody like Wyze wouldn’t have that as an automatic thing. I will be watching for this update. Please do it as soon as possible. Wyze products seem to be great quality and well thought out. I don’t know what happened to the garage door app?


Hi Wyze team, any updates here?

Please tell me this is in the works as I wouldn’t be able to believe such a MUST HAVE feature is not in the works already as it would be a massive usability improvement.

Including the Wyze team members who have been online today for visibility: @WyzeDesmond, @WyzeJasonJ, @nyuan, @WyzeMina, @WyzeShanee


I hate Wyze hasn’t done so either. Such a tedious task always.


No, you will know when/if this starts getting worked on because at the top it will get updated to “In Progress” instead of the “Maybe Later” category it is currently in.

Don’t expect this to get addressed during 2023 though. Their focus for 2023 is camera specific, including app experience related to the cameras.

This is sort of related to the cameras since it is an accessory to the V3, but overall it is likely to stay on the back-burner until at least 2024 at the earliest because regardless of that, based on other public commentary, it seems that “Maybe Later” items usually mean “our internal roadmap is scheduled out for at least the next 6 months or so, and this isn’t currently on it.”

Though sometimes we get surprised and things get suddenly put through, so there is still a chance. Continuing to discuss it like this does help show them there is ongoing interest and give it more visibility and collect more votes and overall make it more likely they’ll give it a higher priority. So comments here are still helpful. :+1:


Adding my name to this thread. I just installed 2 of these controllers with cams (or cams with controllers) on my 2 garage doors and find it super cumbersome to wait for the camera feed to load just to be able to open the door. Why isn’t it just a toggle switch with option to view the camera when needed? The camera is secondary to the functionality of opening/closing the door.

Also, I REALLY want to be able to shout “hey Google, open the garage door” and am shocked that it probably won’t ever be possible. I may end up returning these and buying some off brand off Amazon that uses the Smart Life/Tuya app but “works with Google”.


if you have not yet visited the wish list you should and that should provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision…

I’m so disgusted with Wyze customer support. It’s f****** ridiculous! I called today asking how to get a copy of the QR code since I moved and I need to place another QR code on the inside of my new garage door. I tried removing the old but destroyed it.

10 minutes on the phone with their support and the woman comes back after multiple holds and says it would be 99 cents but they want to send me a 99 cent gift coupon!

The level of incompetence, wastefulness and the utter sheer stupidity of this was only trumped by an email I later received that said:

Dear Richard,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to provide you with an update on your request.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you please send me the device info page that can be found in the settings of your Wyze Garage Door? This will help us process the $1 GC for you as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me

Thank you for your patience and for choosing Wyze.
Best Regards,

Mary | Wyze Wizard

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I agree with you. Here you go!

Yeah, why not just include a downloadable code on the website? I guessed this might be a problem someday so I scanned our before I put it up.

Thanks, I took a screenshot from their QR “sales” page! I should have done that initially instead of whining. :smiley: