Garage Door Controller Widget

Exactly, and what I said to them.

It’s a really stupid design compared to other makes.

I’m able to use Google assistant to open and close my garage door. You have to give it a PIN # first. Go to your camera’s setting > Accessories > Garage Door Controller > Third Party
Intergrations > Google Assistant - Set PIN


This was done in the Android App.

I hope this helps,

I tried this but it doesn’t work. Set a PIN but it fails to recognize. I then looked at my Google Home app and added the Garage Door cam to the Home but it still shows offline.

Can you elaborate on what, if anything else, you’ve done to use Google (with your voice) to control your Wyze garage door cam/controller?


Would love to have a widget just for the garage door open/close.


Yes, we do!

Hi Everyone, I’ve been frustrated by this for a long time, and tried a zillion things to get it to work as a shortcut on ios, so I can have an open/close button on my lock screen and control with Siri. After going doing a complicated rabbit role, I finally did it!! And it is super simple:

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Garage Controller Widget

A widget for android for garage control only.

I dont need to wait for and load the camera every time i want to cycle my garage door. Would love a simple button to do this.

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Add me to the wish list. Seems kinda obvious for the GDO to have its own tile in the Wyze app.

Despite me having Wyze cameras in and outside the garage, I Will not be buying a Wyze garage door opener until original OP wish gets implemented by Wyze.

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I wouldn’t recommend it either. I went from Nexx to this and have regretted it every since. A simple widget could completely fix that!