More app usability feedback

Please fix the following:

  • App takes too long to start. I want to open my garage door quickly but waiting 6-10 seconds for it to appear and become usable is too long.

  • When the app appears and I want to tap the garage door, sometimes I hit the item above it because that unnecessary “Rules” section at the top loads late. Please make that stop.

  • Why can’t I have a button to open or close the garage door without having to go into the camera on the garage door? Tried making one with rules but it never works.

  • Please allow the app to work with iOS shortcuts

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jammerx19! :raising_hand_man:

Those are all great suggestions!

Have you tried using a Device Widget on your home page for the GDC Cam that will launch directly to that device in the app?

Can you post a screenshot of the Rule?

Have you considered using an Alexa or Google Home Routine so that a Routine shortcut Icon can be placed on your Home Page. I don’t have the GDC, so I’m not positive what Actions are available in Alexa\Google Home for it. It may be possible though to trigger the GDC from them with a Wyze Relay Device if the Actions are absent.


I just created that widget. It’s better, I suppose. Still not what I’d like to have, which is a single tap that opens or closes the garage door.

As for the rule, you can only create one that closes the garage door, and half the time it does not work.

Regarding Alexa or Google Home, I don’t use either but I will look into them.