How to make Wyze shortcuts for your homescreen

This is for Android users.

For anyone wanting to put shortcuts on the homescreen to turn lights on/off, turn plugs on/off, etc.

install Action Blocks from the Google Play Store. This app is from Google, so it’s safe. Using it should be self explanatory.

Open Action Blocks app
Create Action Block (bottom of screen)
Create custom action
Enter in box the voice command you would use to do whatever it is that you want to do. For example, if you want a shortcut to turn on the kitchen light, you would say, “Ok Google turn on the kitchen light”. So you’ll enter “Kitchen light” in the box.
Hit the Next button at the bottom.
Give the shortcut a name and hit the button “Save Action Block”.
You can probably figure out the rest.

I use the app MacDroid to automate my Wyze devices using the shortcuts from Action Blocks. It’s another safe app.

Have fun


Interesting. I have used Tasker and several others but was unaware of either of these apps. I thought I had basically every single Google App already. I somehow missed this one.

This is a great share (thanks)! I downloaded both apps and will certainly do some experimenting with them. Having a few shortcuts will be very handy for a few things. It will be interesting to see all the options these have available together, especially based on other automated triggers.

I really wish Google would start adding more options available for IOT devices like Alexa has started to offer.

Easer (open source Tasker analog) has its own widgets but I haven’t gotten them to do anything yet.

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I remember you talking about Easer before. I checked it out, and was very supportive of the effort to build an open source Tasker alternative. I didn’t get far into it yet as it was missing some of the functionality I wanted for some other things I was using Tasker for, but I expect it will eventually catch up to support some of those things. If you ever do get around to using it for anything with Wyze, you should post something about it in Tips and Tricks too.

For now, I basically got Tasker for free with my Google Opinion Rewards credits anyway, so it was no big deal for me to buy the useful Tasker when it didn’t really feel like spending money for it. :grin: But, all things being equal, I prefer to use Open-Source just on principle, so some day in the future I look forward to anything you share on it.

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Sure thing. I haven’t touched it in a while. Still running in the background with a (working) test SMS keyword script.

I did just realize what the single Alexa widget is good for - a noticeably faster way to launch Alexa voice commands - the regular Alexa app takes longer to launch and is riddled with ads. (This is if you choose not to replace Google Assistant entirely.)

It takes well under a second on my low end Moto.

Thanks for the MacroDroid suggestion. I hadn’t heard of that one before, so I’m testing it out right now. I’m assuming there’s still no way to automate or create a shortcut to view a single camera feed using these apps? I’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a way to quickly pull up a specific live stream from a camera without having to open the Wyze app, scroll through the list, find the desired camera, tap on it, and then wait for the stream to appear.

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I haven’t looked into that since it’s not of much interest to me. If you find a solution, be sure to post it to the forums as a lot of people would like to see that function.

The new Wyze widget allows a single Wyze device to be put on a widget. Also a group of cameras on a widget. that can be saved to the phone and is available by just selecting the widget. This feature came out in the last release of the app.


How do you access this widget? Is it the same as all other widgets - long press home screen and choose Widgets? I don’t see that option either there or in the app.
EDIT: App is up to date (v2.16.55)

Apparently only in beta.


Thanks for the reply. It makes sense now why I don’t see anything about the widget “yet”.

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Oops. It may be a feature of the Wyze beta? Thought it was the Android 11 update which I just received. All of the application icons now have a new options screen when the icon is long pressed. Stuff like widgets, option choices, last alert, Info screen, etc. So you will be seeing it soon if you haven’t gotten Android 11 yet. If you have, recommend you do a long press on several application icons. Several other applications have features that are useful too. Curious what the non-beta Wyze app is showing up when the application icon is long pressed. This may be there now? I’m pretty sure I saw something on one of the official support pages two or three days ago.

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Thanks for the tip about Android 11. Can’t wait for it to come to me. I’m still on January patch.
Yes, it must have been the beta, but it is out now. I have the widgets on the final version. Still not what I was looking for and to be honest, not very useful. Maybe in a later update we’ll get more widgets.

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2.17.7 app has the widgets feature. So you should have it now.
2.17.7 (January 26, 2021)

  • Added support for Device and Device List widgets

Try adding a “group” of cameras or a group of devices and using the widget to access it on your phone. It that approach may better meet your needs.