Shortcuts Widget

So far, I like the Widgets, and I am glad they are now available. (Well, in the Beta App.)

I think they could be improved if our shortcuts could be available.

Attached is a quick image I threw together, showing my idea. Of course, they wouldn’t be all named shortcut haha.

Mod Edit: This has now been implemented in the 2.49 app release.

Shortcut rules for Android widgets

Please let me tie a Widget (on Android, maybe iOS) to a shortcut rules.

I have two shortcut rules: one to turn all the lights on in my office (combo of bulbs and and outlets) that i trigger in the morning and one to turn everything else that I trigger at night to turn everything off.

Instead of having to find and open the app every time and wait for the rules to show in the top bar, it’d be nice to put them on my home screen as widgets. (1x1 please, as other requests have made).


Homescreen widget for to trigger shortcuts created in the Wyze App

For the shortcuts created in the Wyze App, it would be able to define individual homescreen widgets that trigger those shortcuts without having to open the app.


Rule as Widget

I’ve posted this before, and will keep recommending it.

Please make a widget for individual rules. The functionality of all your products will be greatly enhanced and I will shout your praises from the top of mountains.

Until then, it’s frustrating and not useful to have rules that must manually be activated in the app


Here’s another upvote for a shortcut widget.

I have two rules setup for turning on/off all the floodlights. Every night when I let the dogs out I have to open the Wyze app and activate the shortcuts. It would be wonderful if I could add those shortcuts to the Android home screen. Either using the Wyze widgets or just long-pressing the shortcut and dragging it to the home screen.

Please make this happen.


I’d love the ability to trigger shortcuts through a single android widget button. I’m mainly looking for the garage door close / open (would love the ability to open the garage door with a shortcut, I’m sure that’ll come at some point). It would be helpful to trigger other shortcuts as well.

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Widgets for wyze rules

It would be very useful to have Android widgets (and the IOS equivalent for the people that have those devices) that allow you to trigger rules.

This way, for common actions, I don’t have to launch the app and scroll through all the shortcuts/rules I have setup looking for the one I want.

Thank You

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How in the [Mod Edit] is this request 2 years old?? Haha we are never getting this common sense simple request. They must get a kickback from IFTTT or something [Mod Edit].

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Mod censored me when I had already censored myself. I just said the letter “f”. :roll_eyes:

Would love this. Have a rule to turn notifications on/off when we are outside. Hate opening the app everytime to toggle this.

Quick enable/disable of rules

Can we get a faster way to toggle enabling or disabling a rule? Opening the app, going to Account, Scrolling down to Rules, finding my rule in the list, opening it, toggling the “enabled” option, and hitting save (and in my case, also accepting an annoying notification each time) — all that has got to be improved upon.

I’m thinking you already have the Shortcut buttons at the top when you open the app. Just put a link to all rules up there, and then allow users to toggle enable the rule (or at least long press to toggle enable the rule) directly from the rule list.

This has been implemented in the 2.49 app release.


I just updated, and gave it a shot.
So far, so good! Thank you, very much!

I don’t know if it is my phone, or the app, but the widget’s boundaries are a little large.
I can give you the info on my phone, if it’ll help.


Was this just lumped under my previous thread on shortcut widget? It’s a different request, to easily disable a rule.

Praise the lawd you guys added shortcuts into a widget! Thanks.

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