Make widgets for Rules

What’s the point of setting up Rules in the app if I can’t have a widget to quickly access them? iOS.


Would you like to edit them? Or trigger a shortcut or something?

Here is a possible Wishlist topic that you could help vote on:

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I think I was pretty clear. In the app, they are called Rules, not Shortcuts. I can create and edit Rules in the app already. But there is not a widget for me to press the button to trigger the Rule, which is an action on multiple devices. For example, I want to tap button on widget that locks both my front and back door at the same time.

In the app, under Rules, they are called rule type Shortcut:

Creating a shortcut places an icon at the top of your Wyze app Home page. Tap icon to execute action(s).

It sounds like you are looking for an iOS home screen widget that executes a Wyze app rule of type shortcut. Thank you for voting for the existing wishlist topic that covers this request.

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Like @Seapup pointed out, a “shortcut” is just a type of manually activated rule under the Rules umbrella. There are other types of rules which are automatic, like device trigger, scheduling etc. The screen shot above shows the list.

Here is a knowledge article which gives a good overview on the different rule types.

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