iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 Released!

iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 are rolling out! Shortcuts are now Rules and have shortcuts, schedules, and device triggers available to make automation easier. Additionally, you can now easily share multiple devices with one person. :sunglasses:

Learn more here:


Hey Gwendolyn,

Conversion from Shortcuts to Rules was a bit of a rude awakening… LOL. Many of what had been shortcut buttons got wiped out as they were converted. This process presumed that I didn’t use the shortcut button manually since I also had it automated, which wasn’t the case.

Not a long-term problem as I can re-create them, and tasks are simpler to add as group actions. However, I noticed that within the shortcut-converted-to-schedule, many of the steps I’d had in place were missing. Furthermore, when I go to create new schedule items, I’m only able to select single tasks. This could make for a very long laundry list within my schedule section… :slight_smile:

Curious to know if this is by design and, if so, are there plans to once again allow inclusion of multiple tasks within a single item? Or will these tasks be serially itemized going forward?


Sorry about the strange transition, secondary_2g! And I’ll share your request for creating multiple tasks within one schedule with the team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Gwendolyn,

Yes, please do share the multi-task request. I’m sure that I won’t be the only user who views the current implementation as a step backwards… :wink:


I received confirmation that this was an intentional decision but I’ll keep an eye on the feedback coming in.

I am trying to follow along as it were. Can you give an example of what you could do but now cannot?

Roger that.

FYI, please find the attached screenshot of a converted shortcut that still lists multiple steps.

Seems a little inconsistent to grandfather it thusly but disallow it going forward. I’ll make do… oh the struggles! :grin:

Off-topic, I rec’d a wyze sense kit last week with what appears to be a defective motion sensor. Removed the battery and it tested dead. Bought a new Energizer CR2450 cell which tested full of juice. However, still no life from the motion sensor. Opened ticket #314838 and rec’d a ‘higher than normal’ support volume response. Is there a better way I should seek replacement of a defective item?

Makes sense! Thank you for the feedback.

For your support ticket, if you don’t hear back in a couple of days, please let me know. We are further behind than we prefer and working on catching up. If you haven’t heard back by Thursday, please let me know and I’ll poke my nose into it for you. :slight_smile:

Struggles or not, y’all are great peeps… thankya!


Aww… You’re welcome! And thanks for your kindness! :smiley:

R.Bruce! What’s up, buddy?

Briefly, when I go to recreate new scheduled items to replace deprecated shortcuts, I can only choose single group/individual tasks. There isn’t an option to have (2) or more steps per schedule item from what I can see.

For example, I can choose either power on, enable motion detection, or enable notifications from within a camera group. Attempting to check the 2nd task unchecks the initially selected task.

Neither is there any facility to add tasks to the overall schedule item itself.

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Gotcha! Thanks I was not sure exactly what functionality had changed. Appreciate the clarification! :wink:

I updated my Wyze app to the new Android release, and I’m looking forward to using the new features. I noticed it has removed all the names I had labeled on the old shortcuts. Anyway, I will figure it out no big deal. :slightly_smiling_face: The separate schedule and triggers are nice. I like that.

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One last thing I’d like to add about the scheduler… it doesn’t seem like one can label or re-sequence scheduled items in the same way as shortcuts. That’s a little disappointing. It’s just a list of nondescript items with times-of-day. And deletion/re-creation is the only recourse in the event one wants to keep things in a specific viewing order.

Good technology simplifies rather than complicates… just sayin!


Hi Gwendolyn,

I was also quite surprised by this change. I’m glad I decided to open the app after updating.

There seems to be a couple of bugs.

You should be able to start a schedule at night and end it in the morning.

The top menu of the forum is obscured when accessed within the browser control in the ios app. The control is also in need of the navigation buttons.

I’d also like to be able to add devices to multiple groups.




Love the new rules, as it simplifies things for me. However, when I try to set a schedule to start at 9:30 PM, and end at 10:15 pm, I get a message that tells me that the end time needs to be later than the start time.


Good catch on the overnight bug! Thanks for posting about it.


Odd, I get that if I cross midnight. Thanks for sharing your findings. Can you check that you changed AM to PM on the end time?

The application updated this morning deleting most of my scheduled tasks. Not a huge deal so I started to recreate everything and the new schedules only allows you to add one action per schedule and doesn’t allow you to name the schedules. So you end of up a ton of schedules and no way to keep track of what each one is doing unless you click in to them.

Please correct.