Wyze App 2.24 Released! - 9/1/21

Happy Wednesday, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.24 is releasing today! This adds support for Wyze Buds and the leak and climate sensors. We also redesigned the Wyze Bulb UI, added a Wyze Lock button when viewing your Wyze Video Doorbell page, fixed bugs, and more!

Read our Release Notes:


I like the purple tags


Me too! thumbsup


Installed without issue.

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So… Once I’ve set my “Home” location in the app, and once I’m included in the group to whom Sunrise/Sunset in Rules has been rolled out in this release *…

…it’ll look like this when I go to set a time restriction in a Rule?


Do I have to have location services in Android, and location permission in the Wyze app, both activated to set Sunrise/Sunset in Rules thereafter?

I wouldn’t think so, but heck, I donno…

 *  I’m not among the limited number who currently have access; I borrowed the graphic from @Twiz1 over here  link .


You need to give Wyze app location permission in Android to set your Home. You need to keep location services turned on in order for geolocation rules to work if you have any. If you’re just using sunrise/sunset rules, you can probably turn location off once you’ve set the rules up and enabled them. That’s how it works now… as always, that may change.

Here’s a simple example… turn on a group of color bulbs at 11 mins after sunset and turn off at 11 mins before sunrise. Needs location to determine sunset/sunrise. I’m pretty sure location gets stored when you save the simple rule as I have location turned off and the rule continues to work and has been adjusting for sunrise/sunset shift over the past 3 weeks:

If you do a Location Trigger, as illustrated below by @spamoni4, you’ll need to keep Android location on, preferably with Precise Location enabled. His example is for geofencing triggers… e.g., turn lights on when you’re within x distance from Home.


I have the sunset/sunrise options, it is has been working flawlessly for me. My Android has the following for permissions for Wyze:

However, when you use Sunset and Sunrise in the Rules, it will utilize the provided address. So, IMHO, the location is primarily used for the presence rule integration options as shown in this image


@seapup @spamoni4

Thanks guys. I make my life difficult by running with things ‘off’ but I’m thoroughly committed to it. :roll_eyes:


I was the same way. It took awhile for me to actually turn things on for any App. But then decided for Wyze, I would as I wanted to be able to use the features and help out as well.


But concerning using location - The app is only set so you can time things sunset/sunrise (plus or minus) 59 minutes. I wanted to fire off a cam uploading a short video to the cloud at a greater time difference and was able to set the location to London, England.
But it looks like the time of sunset changes in “blocks”.
For Aug 22-Aug29 it uploaded at 2:44PM,
Then Aug 30 - Sep 1 it uploaded at 2:29PM.

Does anyone know when the Sunrise/Sunset option will roll out to everyone? I was not
one of the first to get it, so I’m just curious as to the timing for everyone else to get it.

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I see it in the current iOS production app above. I don’t think I’m signed up for it otherwise, but ya never know, lol.

Release notes say “Added support for Sunrise/Sunset in Rules (This update is being sent to a limited number of users at first and will be more widely available later.)”, so might not be for everyone yet. Worth a check tho!


@jnylen777 It’s not in my IOS app I installed this am. 2.24.34.

So I think sunset/sunrise is still slowly being rolled out.

But I’m not feeling the love.

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I see it in the current Android production app

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I’m not seeing the Wyze Lock button when viewing the Wyze Video Doorbell page. Is it working for anyone else?

First impressions…


  1. Seems like snappier video response when connecting to cams on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. CAVEAT - Still get periodic errant individual cam connection failures when viewing groups, even when cams are fully operational & online w/no Net issues.


  1. The new non-color bulb interface is needlessly complex in my opinion. Much preferred the simple slider bars per bulb. The color temp wheel is imprecise and prone to inadvertent changes. Allowing text input of absolute Kelvin values for color temperature would mitigate this somewhat. Power/brightness control is TERRIBLE. Why would this be considered an improvement over individual power buttons… :thinking: ?? The new implementation doesn’t seem to update to reflect settings for individual bulbs when check-selecting amongst them… another invitation to inadvertent changes. Instead, it seems to remember the last overall bulb/setting chosen. I get the idea of group bulb selection, but can’t this be better achieved by standard groups on the main screen instead of a clumsy bulb selector bar?

  2. Lingering is the issue where after successfully viewing one group of cams, switching over to another group hangs the app. Invariably, I have to exit the app and reopen it in order to view the second group without connection lag.

Leaving the current version on my phone but disabling Wyze app auto-updates on tablet yet again as a failsafe. Good technology simplifies and doesn’t complicate… Just sayin :man_shrugging:t2:

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I would very much prefer leave it the way it was, for the non color bulbs


Too much caffeine in the millennial keurig brews or just restless fiddling joneses? :grin:

I can recommend a few naturopathic calming supplements for the latter… :wink:

Not working for me either!