Wyze App 2.24 Released! - 9/1/21

2.24.23,… no lock icon on my doorbell page either.

Found this on Reddit:

Found it. Go into the doorbell settings, choose accessories, then add a new accessory and choose the lock.

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When you go to create or edit a Rule, do you see the days of the week represented like this, when you set the time condition:

or do you have Check boxes? If you have check boxes you are still on the old Rules Engine which may be why you are not seeing sunset and sunris.

No check boxes. Installed IOS 2.24.34. But no option to set schedule to Sunrise/Sunset as shown in @Newshound post 12 of this thread. Don’t think option is available to all users at this point. Still no love from Wyze today.

…same for me as Todwatts, so back to my original question, Does anyone know when everyone will get the sunset/sunrise option rolled out? Maybe someone at Wyze knows the schedule?

@QiS , is the sunset and sunrise feature released to everyone yet or only some testers?

As you can see from the previous entries above, a question is being raised about when it will be available.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi @spamoni4 sorry for the late reply, I’m out of the office recently and will read the topic today. It’s open to part of you and will be open to everyone in the next couple of weeks.


Perhaps next time, if you are going to use a staggered roll-out of a much wanted feature such as Sunrise/Sunset, Wyze will keep it under its hat so that the rest of us don’t feel like we’re left out … after we spend hours trying to figure out why we can’t get Sunrise/Sunset to work.

Just a thought. As I said, I’m not feeling the love from Wyze lately.

Thanks for the feedback. I thought that may be the case

Hi @todwatts Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll improve our “What’s new” and do our best to make the feature available to everyone.

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Hear hear. I was literally repelled (emotionally) and didn’t even fiddle with it. So that says something, I suppose. :no_mouth:


I lobby once more in my very lost cause (dam Alexa!(which achieves the effect i think and to which I shall never accede nor subscribe))

Yes, it makes me wince as well. Truly a problem to a solution that was never needed.

Dealing with bulbs has become like being in a museum where I am afraid to touch anything for fear of breakage.

I detect whiffs of Microsoft accompanying this premature escape from beta testing confinement.

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Just ran into an error with Cam Plus settings thats new after this update;

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Yes, that is the word. :+1:

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iOS app 2.24.34 MIcrophone pop up. Why do I get this request to access the microphone every morning when I first open the app? It happens just once every day .

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Just a possible solution… Under Settings in IOS for the WYZE app, do you have it set to allow access to your microphone? It may have been turned off so every time you start the app it will ask you if its ok to access your microphone …

I have never turned the microphone on for any app to use. I never had an issue with any WYZE iOS app since October 2020, just this version.

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Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Not yet. Edit. I deleted the app and installed again, now I have to wait until tomorrow to see if it ask again.