Wyze App 2.27 Released! 12/21/21

We’re gradually releasing Wyze app 2.27! This has VoIP support for Wyze Video Doorbell, Wyze Home Monitoring sharing, object measurement for Wyze Scale S, sunrise/sunset support for Wyze Lamp Socket, bug fixes, and more!

Read our Release Notes:


Oh Great !!! another release ??? Still having issues with the Firmware release last night . Bricked one of my V2 cameras . What a mess … Should never release all these updates until they were fully tested …

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And spoil all the fun, I like releases good or bad. Keeps me entertained…LOL




We’re sorry about that, @mrgadget! Have you contacted our support team? You may be able to bring it back if you flash firmware but that’s an optional step.

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Why no Christmas doorbell sounds for video doorbell only Pro🤔


Doesn’t seem to be available in Apple Appstore.

It is a gradual release so you should see it sometime in the next few days

That wasn’t clear at first. Thanks for clarifying, Jason. Will y’all send out news that it’s widely available, or are you relying on my memory because let me tell ya, that’s not a great strategy. :laughing:

I do not work for them so I am not sure if they will announce again when it is widely available. I use Androind and I know when it comes available it will update on its own for me. I am not sure how it works with Apple though.

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Apple moved the Wyze app to a different category after I subscribed to cam pro, but I’m pretty sure I had to do manual update last time. I’m not sure how to set auto update after install. I’ll have time to work on that when I’m at in-laws… I have Android phone too. I hope it does update automatically because the Play app crashes whenever it’s opened now so I can’t update anything manually. I always do auto whenever I’m given option during setup.

After update

No sound with Live View.
(speaker is ON)

did a short recording. no sound neither while playing

Android 9

Log Id 409486
pls fix

log in from another Android still with last Version of app.
there is sound.


I had my neighbor yell to cam.
yes, there is sound. but the volume is very very. low.
My device is 100% full volume.

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Added 5 Christmas song tones for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

FYI, I received and activated by VDB Pro today and updated the firmware to 1.0.52 (and full bars on signal strength for both chime and VDBP) and when I select those Christmas songs as the Chime Sound and click done, it will play the sample sound on my phone, but not on the chime. Then I press the doorbell button and it chimes the previous chime I had set (not the Christmas chime), so I just thought I’d report it.

Log 410538

Did anyone else get the Christmas chimes to work?

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So I woke up this morning to half of my indoor and outdoor lights being on and half of them off. I open the app and get the memo about the update. Cool. I go to Local Schedules in my indoor and outdoor plugs and all of my schedules are gone in every device - all x24 schedules I just made after the AWS outage. It’s also Christmas Eve, which is a fine time to roll out an update that could impact devices.

@WyzeBaohua I still have this issue with the wyze video doorbell on Android 2.27.33. New log 411209.

@carverofchoice my Christmas chimes only play as a sample on the settings page as well. Hopefully, they can fix it for Christmas 2022. It would be nice to add these holiday chimes to the Wyze video doorbell too.


How do I get rid of the add rules bar that is on the new app? I don’t need it and it is blocking easy access to my cameras.

Having same issue after update to doorbell. When hitting the speaker button it says open speaker failed. Also no sound.

Will I be able to get Home Monitoring Services “Disarm/Home/Away” on my iPhone now with 2.27? If so, where do I go to update to 2.27 for Home Monitoring? I’m not going to crash again, am I?

FYI in regards to my last post, Time of Day schedules (local schedules within the devices) returned some time last night or this morning after being absent for three days. I am overjoyed to not have to setup x24 schedules again!