Doorbell should ring on my phone

Thank you for responding so quickly.
My Wyze Android App version is V2.26.36 (looks like this is older than yours). I went to the Google Play Store, there is no update available. In the Play Store there is a notification saying " Beta signup in progress. It takes a few minutes." and “Joining beta… Adding your account to the program. It may take a few minutes.” Does it mean that I have to wait?

Glad you got it. It may be because Gwen just sent out a notice that they were gradually releasing it.


I just updated the Wyze App to V2.27.16. All of sudden it became available in Play store. Now I have the VOIP option. Thank you so much for walking me through this process. I really appreciate it.


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Notification when doorbell rung

Will wyze not call or notify my phone when the doorbell is rung?

Yes it will.
firmware and app update has enabled that feature. In app go to account, notifications, push notifications and enable voice over ip calls.

So for me now with VoIP enabled I do get a phone call, but when answering it ends the call and thats it. Only once I unlock my phone it will auto open the Wyze app separately and start streaming the doorbell. So it seems the call is literally just the notification and not the live interaction. Silly to me since it still is multi steps to get to the feed once the bell has been rung. What is nice is that the VoIP notification can be set to come through regardless of global notification setting. If they had just applied that option as well to the standard in app doorbell notification there really is no difference.

Something else weird is that if I dont answer the call or open the phone/app without answering the call it weirdly lingers in my notifications in the background as if its an ongoing call that never ends. Only way to get rid of it is to restart the phone.

Original doorbell, app V2.28.0 (102), Android Z Flip 3 Android 12

I have noticed this as well, I think it’s a permissions issue while the phone is locked.
Check to see if this occurs if your phone is unlocked and open

Have you submitted opened a ticket and submitted a log of this issue? If you have, can you provide it here?

I am using an Pixel 6 with Android 12 and the same Wyze App as you indicated. I also have 2 V1 Doorbells and am no experiencing this issue at all. When I tap on Answer, I am prompted to unlock my phone, then it starts the app and displays the doorbell live stream where I can speak with whomever is there.

My VDB V1 Firmware is I allow all permissions for the Wyze App, which Permissions do you allow?

Something to try, as i seems to clear up some items:

  • Clear the Cache from within the app: Account > App Settings > Clear Cache
  • Log out of the App
  • Long Press on the Wyze App
  • Do a Force Stop
  • Tap on Storage and Cache
  • Clear Cache
  • Restart the Phone
  • Log back into the app

Note: Thumbnails will be gone until you live stream the camera’s again.

Now test the doorbell to see if the issue has been corrected.

I can’t get this to work properly. I’ve enabled voip, setup all the settings as per above. Tried probably dozen times, once it came thru, and that is it. Pixel 5 on Canadian Rogers network. Can anyone assist?

Doorbell that rings on phone

I wish the doorbell could ring on my phone. I have tried all the different sounds, and I can not hear the doorbell in a large multistory home. My Ring doorbell had this feature, and I really miss it. I get TOO MANY useless notifications to have the sound turned on all of the time. Thanks!

[Mod Note]: Please note that this is exising functionality: How do I enable VOIP calls on Wyze Video Doorbell?.

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I also would like this. Im not happy that i just payed double the money for a video doorbell i already had because i thought it would be better, but just getting a regular notification is not excitable. I get way too many notifications for this to just be lumped together. So now that i know from searching and finding this, that it isn’t just me, i think ill be returning this device.

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I think you have to be in the Beta Tester group in order to get a call in your phone when someone pushes the bell. I am in that Beta Tester but I cannot remember how I got there. Please call their customer service. Asking through this forum chat will not get good response. As far as I know, the doorbell will not generate notification when it detects something moving. It will call our phone just if some one pushes the bell. Anyway, the call not always right away. Sometimes, I got the call like a minute or two, the person already gone. Also, the call will not instantly open the app, you will have to open it manually but I am not sure if this is because of the app itself or because of my phone which is older Android version.

Is this problem fixed? I am also disappointed that I don’t get a call on my android phone when the Wyze for bell is pressed!

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Can you post your Android App permissions and app settings under notifications?

I receive phone calls from both the original doorbell and the pro.


Got never fixed. My issues since May 2022 still there. I did not see anyone from Wyze taking care of customer feedbacks in this forum.
I think the only solution is changing brand.

In the beginning yes, when it was in beta testing, and starting in Dec 2021 the VOIP was supported in the production app.. If you have the VOIP enabled, and when you press the button and don’t get a phone call on your phone, i’d suggest see if you have blocked unknown calls enabled or any spam protection on that could be blocking the calls. What actual beta version of the app are you using? For troubleshooting, you can always switch back to the production branch version of the app to see if that clears it up.

This is mainly a user to user forum, and any official support request should go through Support. Here is the support contact info:

Customer Support
How can we help? Give us a call at (206) 339-9646 or 1 (581) 500-1166 (Canada) or you can chat with an agent or create a support ticket on our help center.

We’re open for support between 4 am - 8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

For reference, similar issue, some light reading if you want:

Telephone call from doorbell camera

I hoped that the voip would do an actual phone call on grid, I would pay for that.