Doorbell pop up video

Door bell rings, video feed pops up on devices that have wyze app installed.

I’ve also enabled this feature on Amazon fire tv but it doesn’t work, even if it did, it would be sideways.

This is a great idea! I don’t have the doorbell, but if I did, I would certainly want it to do that. You can vote for your own #wishlist topic.

Very good idea that i’ve been asking for before they went out for pre orders, I REALLY want this feature. (On Google Home)

Honestly even a screenshot popping up on the screen rather then live video would be just fine cuz would probably be faster. PLEASE Wyze.


Do any of the competitors provide a video stream in 1 or 2 seconds? I was really disappointed with the comparison video somebody posted. Even the Amazon branded devices were taking over 10 seconds to begin streaming a video of the person at the door.

Edit:. Trying to answer my own question, the best Ring responses I can see people quote are “less than 10 seconds”, which still frankly sucks.

But this reviewer says the Eufy is less than a second!

My feed is live within one second of clicking the button. It’s astonishingly quick with no buffering or connection issues.

There needs to be some video pop up, I get a image pop up with just a single ding just like any motion alert on any of my other wyze cameras . Very disappointed the doorbell camera, is not any better than the wyze cam I have stuck in my window that alerts when there’s motion detected. Like others said I could answer the door quicker than opening the app to see the video.

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I have the same problem. I love my wyze pan cams and my wyze door bell. But the image shows up on its side on my echo show and my smart tv. Plus, I can’t talk to the person at the door through my echo like I could with my ring doorbell.
How do I fix these things? :

  • Video on its side in echo show and smart tvs
  • And no talking through echo show
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Not only is this a desirable feature - it’s a feature that competitive video doorbell products already have. Frankly, this product should never have gone to market without this capability. Without a pop-up live view feature, it takes too long to see who is at the door and talk to them - and that renders the current version of the Wyze video doorbell rather useless.


Is it possible to add a feature where a picture or the live feed shows up automatically on an echo show if the bell is pressed?

I think you can do that via routines. I don’t have a Wyze doorbell, but I do have routines to auto show my Wyze cameras upon motion triggers.

I would like to be able to open the live view when I click on the notification that someone rang the bell. (iOS). This is how RING had it and made it very simple

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I think they are hearing this complaint in spades right now. This was a fundamental software and hardware development error that has now cost Wyze dearly in terms of customer goodwill. I can’t tell you how many people have been so put-off by such an obvious and glaring shortfall that they have now adopted other platforms throughout their homes and businesses. I was one of the early adopters of the Wyze doorbell. My experience with this woefully underdeveloped product has really soured my take on Wyze – a company I have traditionally held up as a great example of a well-run business.

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Thanks to tasker i’ve managed to figure out a solution for this with my google home hub! Testing it atm.

A screen dedicated to the door bell. It would be awesome to have a screen that showed what was happening at the door. Maybe even cycle through event video several times to see if a package was delivered.

I know the alexa and google home show it, but it takes forever for them to show the video. Something on the spot would be awesome.

You can do that right now with any phone or tablet?

Step 1: buy a cheap tablet
Step 2: load up tinycam pro


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I want an easy way for my kids to see who is at the doorbell when at home. They shouldn’t require a phone or tablet… allow the video doorbell stream to be viewed on the echo show and you’ll make the product so much more useful… an echo show near the door can become a virtual front door viewer

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Yeah, that would be WAY too easy. Unfortunately, I’m more than a little underwhelmed with how my Wyze doorbell functions. I can get an image on my Echo show (after playing with it for a while). However, by the time the image shows up on the echo show, whoever was at the front door is long gone.

Hi ,
Is it possible to have the Wyze app automatically open and display the captured image whenever the doorbell is rung ? I believe this will save at least 10-15 sec of time- which is impactful in UX

This is what everyone who ownes one of these doorbell cameras has been asking for since day 1. Honestly, when I pre-ordered my doorbell, I had an expectation of this built-in functionality since nearly every doorbell camera has that feature – but not this one.