Wyze doorbell camera in Alexa

The Wyze video doorbell camera will not show a live view in Alexa app or on an Echo Show.


I’ve had this problem for months. When I first installed the Doorbell the display was sideways but there.after a while it just quit displaying. The alexa app now says live view is not supported. I’ve talked with both Amazon and Wyze support teams and have gotten nowhere. The Echo Show will announce a Doorbell button press but that’s all. When trying to view the video it comes back saying the camera is not responding. My other cameras display their live views. Any suggestions?


I’m having the same issue…any updates on this issue? Amazons 4k Fire Sticks now has a feature to show the live stream so we need this fixed.


I just installed wyze doorbell and I’m having the same issue, echo show says wyze doorbell not supported for live view, any updates?

Any update here @UserCustomerGwen ?
I’m having the same issue where it will announce when the doorbell rings, but won’t show a live view. This would be super helpful especially because I don’t have a peep hole in my door.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any news or developments? My three indoor Wyze cams are able to stream live in Alexa app and on Echo Spot. Wyze doorbell has message live view not supported on this device. Same on both iPhone and iPad. Initially all cams and doorbell had the same message. Using the Wyze app I deleted the name for each Cam and doorbell and gave them a new name. Went to Alexa app disabled Wyze skill then enabled it. I can live view the three cams but no change for the doorbell. It is linked to Alexa as it does announce when the doorbell is pushed. Any updates or news would be appreciated.

I have the same issue, my doorbell shows live view not supported in the Alexa app, so it does not show if I asked Alexa to show doorbell, I contacted both Amazon and Wyze support, but was not helpful at all.

Same. Unable to view doorbell via alexa app, Shows, fire stick, fire tv’s, for a number of months. Can anyone confirm if the the video doorbell Pro properly integrates with Alexa? Any recommendations on alternatives that do? Thanks!

Did this ever get fixed/solved? I’m considering buying the Alexa Echo 5 but don’t want to if it won’t work with the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.

The latest VDBv1 FW update claims to have added Alexa Support…

From https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware

I inquired, with no response, about this in the thread releasing that firmware:

But, as you already know. It doesn’t work… Not unlike most of the Wyze offerings right now.

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Not sure about the Pro, however the original door bell does not display video on any of our amazon products. I wouldnt purchase anything if the sole purpose is to integrate with any Wyze product. Since the V3 cams are moderatley reliable with amazon, I ended up installing a V3 cam to provide video through alexa that the “video” doorbell does not. The show 5 is decent though if you’re into the alexa ecosystem. We have them in all the bedrooms as nightstand alarm clocks, and dinner bells for the kids.

Any update on this issue? We’re having the same problems - originally worked with the show, now unresponsive and showing in the Alexa app as live view not supported. So frustrating.

Hi - curious on this as well.

I have the Wyze Doorbell (Non-Pro).

Would be great to have this feature.

I have the same problem. I want to view the doorbell on an echo show so people in my house without a phone can see it and answer the door. Please add this feature so live streaming from a doorbell camera can integrate with alexa

I wouldnt hold your breath. Looks like they no longer advertise alexa integration on the product page of their website. Now only for the Pro. Funny though because the false advertising on the packaging shows that works with alexa…

Ugh, that’s so frustrating. It worked initially, and that’s why we purchased this particular doorbell :frowning:

Any update on this. This is still occuring for me with the Wyze Doorbell Pro

Anyone find the solution?

My VDBv1 will stream in Alexa, however stream loads are excruciatingly slow to load… for all my cams. The Alexa app is sluggish everywhere and I haven’t seen any improvement in the last year. It’s not making any money for Amazon so I don’t foresee anything getting better any time soon.

I think you need to have a subscription. Mine wasn’t working before until I got the subscription