Shouldn't I get alerted on my phone when the doorbell rings?

Okay I don’t understand what this wise doorbell is supposed to be because I assumed that when somebody ring the bell or when somebody walked up to the door I would get an instant notification on my phone. While I understand this isn’t a RING doorbell or some of the other brands that is exactly what all of them do. I have friends with the competitors doorbells and the moment somebody walks up to the door they get a notification on their phone. When somebody rings the doorbell they get a notification on their phone and oh by the way they can respond immediately with that notification just by pressing a button. With the wise app I’ve got to launch the app look at the video which can take 5 to 15 seconds to start and then finally see the person standing there if they haven’t already left yet. It better feature would be that when somebody walked up or press the doorbell it sent a picture to my phone immediately. So unless this thing is broken or the app is broken or my settings are wrong, it is severely lacking and features compared to the competition. Maybe I’m missing something, I have checked every setting in the app every setting an Android and I cannot figure out why when somebody rings the doorbell I get no notification on my phone. There are many situations where I don’t even get event notifications or event recordings from the video doorbell either. I have checked and all the settings are on to the max settings of possibly detecting sounds video door presses and I still don’t get event recordings.


I get notified within 2-4sec check your app setting

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Which Video Doorbell do you have? Asking so I can potentially provide images of mine.

I would check to make sure your notifications are actually on. Make sure zzz is not across the Bell in the top right of the home screen. Then go into the actual Doorbell and make sure Notifications are enabled.

Another thing you could try is to turn on VoIP so if your doorbell is rung, it will make a phone call to your phone. You can turn this on by starting the app, go to Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>Voice Over IP. Then turn it on


I have the wyze doorbell. Not the pro. All those things have been checked and none of it matters. I never get notifications on my phone from this device. Even the voip setting doesn’t do anything

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Is it set up to the app on your phone? Or is it shared to your account on your phone? I’m based in your description that’s the only thing I could think that makes even a little bit of difference

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So you have the Wyze app set to run in the background? Account>App Settings?

I am using the Door Bell Pro and just noticed the same thing months later. When someone presses the door bell button, I am NOT notified on my Android device that someone is at the door. If i open the events view, I do see that someone has pressed as there is a video and the door bell icon at the bottom of the image. Motion works but I do not get any notifications to my phone ( from the door bell product) that Door bell has been pressed, or that there is motion detected , only when i open events would I know if someone were at my door. I also have an iPhone that DOES notify me that someone is pressing the button. I have tested on 3 other Android phones an none of them seem to receive the notification that the button is pressed. All notifications are turned on on my Android devices. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled, confirmed that the Wyze app is up to date. Seems to only affect Android devices.


Yes it is a reoccurring problem unfortunately. The only way to solve it is to either go into your wise app settings and completely wipe out all cash and log back in. Also sometimes going into the video doorbells notification settings and turning all the notifications and the voice over IP settings to off exiting the app and then coming back in and turning it all back on. It is a major problem in my opinion and it is the reason I am considering switching my whole house over to a different brand. I have been a huge proponent of wise products over the years especially with their V2 camera, but as their portfolio continues to diversify it seems that the quality is getting less and less and that the app is more and more problematic. In the beginning they would say over and over again that they are not a security company, however they kept adding products and then eventually changing their terms and saying that they could be used for security purposes. However they are nowhere near reliable enough for any level of security at home. (Please forgive any spelling errors as the whole comment was dictated)


More info:

When the voice over Ip option is enabled, it only seems to dial /contact my iPhone device. I’ve uninstalled the Wyze app on both devices, reinstalled Wyze for the Android and enabled Voice Over Ip in the Wyze Notification settings location. I do not get a notification that someone has pressed the doorbell or a call to my Android phone when the doorbell is pressed. When I reinstall the Wyze app on the iPhone device and press the doorbell , I instantly get a call from the Wyze Door bell to the iPhone.

I kust went to my front door and pushed the doorbell button and i received my phone ringing 8. Using an Samsung Galaxy note 10 +. I went to my back door and i also received an alert,my android phone has the app update from yesterday, and all firmware is up to date. And i tryed it on wifi and on network and no issues,so lets just hope your issue will be resolved soon.

I hope so. I removed all accounts from other devices and kept it on one device. Reinstalled the app and still no notifications from the doorbell when the button is pressed. Only get a notification that there is motion. Someone else , hopefully, is experiencing the same issue as me with Samsung Ultra 22. Also tried the Voice over Ip option nto have the door press call my cell but that also did not work.

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Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue and I’ve tried this on two new video doorbell pros.

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Wyze support says it is a bug and that they are sending this tontheir engineering team. That was on 12/13/2022. I tried to reply back for an update and received a response back that ny case has been closed. Please reach out as it should help to have more users report thia issue.

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I just tryed my 2 doorbell pro, on the app hit the account tab bottom-right, then hit notifications then make go to voice over IP and open that up an make sure you have all that on,…when i turn it off i will not get alerted. Good luck

Ive already tried that. This feature works on my iPhone but not on my Android. Wyze has already verified that this is a bug for Android .


Imrunning a Samsung Galaxy note 20 +,the wife is useing an iPhone 12and both phones will ring is your android phone running the current OS software…well have a good 1

Thanks for the reply. Yea I’m running the latest Android version.

So if you turn on voice over ip option, you have to make sure that the phones Spam Calling feature is turned OFF. I am now able to get that working but, the push notification that is supposed to come through your wyze app to notify you when your door bell is pressed still does not work. I am hoping that Wyze is still looking into this as they have confirmed that it is their software issue and not a hardware issue. Just to add for those who missed my previous notes, all notifications on my Android have been turned on, the Wyze app has all permissions enabled , i have signed out of my account and signed back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, enabled all notofications within the Wyze app but i never receive a push notification when my Door bell pro is pressed. My iPhone however does get the push notification when the door bell is pressed.

To make it work you must have voice over IP turn on,i turned mine and pressed the doorbell and i received nothing, as soon as i turn it back on the doorbell works as stated samsung galaxy note 20 + is what im using

Yes, but this is a different feature. You are mentioning a feature that will call your mobile device when the doorbell is pressed. The feature that does not work for me is the push notification that comes with a press, not a call notification. With the Voice IP turned OFF, i get a push notification on my iPhone that tells me someone has pressed the button and is at the door, the Android device does not do this. Wyze has mentioned that this is a software issue on their end and that their engineers are looking into it.